Lombok Cottages

As a tourist destination, Lombok island, always provide best service for the convenience of the guests holiday. Accommodation is the important part of a tourism industry. Therefore, as one form of accommodation will now be commonly found Lombok Cottages.

Not want to lose of other accommodation such as hotels, villas and resorts, the cottages also tries to present the best service to the tourists. The cottages management also provides various facilities such as swimming pools, restaurants, massage and others. And cottages near the beach, they provide facilities for recreation and water sports as well.

The Cottages are in a variety of attractions on the island of Lombok. Most of cottages located in coastal areas, but some are located in mountainous areas. Because usually cottages have not too many guest rooms, the guest cottages is not too much. It makes cottages quieter and away from the hustle and bustle.

Here are some of Lombok Cottages:

Lina Cottages

Lina Cottages, Lombok
Lina Cottages, Lombok (Source : walkaboutindonesia.com)

The cottages that are located on Senggigi with direct access to the beach, about 25 minutes from Selaparang International Airport. Lina Cottages has easy access to every such as for shopping and mini market, cafe and restaurant, and Lombok Art Shop. The cottages also has a beach restaurant, the ideal place to wait the sunset overlooking Mount Agung in Bali.

Batu Bolong Cottages

Batu Bolong Cottages, Lombok
Batu Bolong Cottages, Lombok (Source : tripadvisor.com)

Batu Bolong Cottages at Senggigi which is located on the beachfront and surrounded by lush tropical gardens. The cottages is an ideal place to relax because of its quiet environment. They also have a restaurant to serve the guests.

Bola Bola Paradis Cottage

Bola Bola Paradis Cottages, Lombok
Bola Bola Paradis Cottages, Lombok (Source : indo-diver.com)

The Cottage, Bola Bola Paradis, is located in the South West part of Lombok, at Sekotong Bay. It is about 90 minutes from Mataram, the capital city and only 2 kms from the local town Pelangan. Bola Bola Paradis Cottage also has restaurants and bars for the guests. This cottage is famous among the surfers.

Pondok Senaru Cottages

Pondok Senaru Cottages, Lombok
Pondok Senaru Cottages, Lombok (Source : tripadvisor.com)

The cottages is located in Senaru Village which is the gate for hiking the Mount Rinjani (Mount Rinjani National Park). Pondok Senaru has the best view of Senaru Valley with the scenery of 2 well-known waterfalls, Sendang Gile and Tiu Kelep. From the restaurant, there is the beautiful view of the waterfalls and Mount Rinjani.

There are many more cottages. You can find them by browsing in internet.

Enjoy your vacation at Lombok cottages..

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