The Flavours Of Old Batavia, Fatahillah Square

In the middle of Kota Tua Jakarta, Lapangan Fatahillah is the centrepoint which surrounded by other beautiful heritage buildings. While you are here, don’t forget to try riding an old bike called Sepeda Ontel. There are around 50 bicycles (Sepeda Ontel) for rent. Most of the bikes are very old, even there’s one bike that was built in 1904.

the Fatahillah Square
The Fatahillah Square (Source :

Once you get the bike, you can ride it around the Fatahillah Square, even to bike around Kota Tua Jakarta. You don’t need to worry of getting lost, you can also get the bike owner to escort around the place of course with extra tip.

When you rent the bike, you would also get a classy lace style hat which was usually worn by the dutch ladies or a hat called ambtenaar that was usually worn by the dutch civil administration persons in the old times.

The Fatahillah Square in Jakarta
The Fatahillah Square in Jakarta (Source :

In order to get extra energy to enjoy this area, don’t forget to try the amazing Indonesian Egg Crust (Kerak Telor). It’s everywhere being sold by the street vendors around Fatahillah Square. Usually this Indonesian Egg Crust costs around 10,000.00 IDR

Lapangan Fatahillah (Fatahillah Square)
Jl. Taman Fatahillah
West Jakarta City

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