Lake Mas Harun Bastari : A Picturesque Landscape And Serene Atmosphere

The road from Bengkulu City, pass the town of Curup and on to Lubuk Linggau in the South Sumatra province is highlighted with lots of ups and downhill rides with countless bends. Nonetheless, along this main route, nature presents some of her best features of lush green hills backed by rows of mountain ridges.

Secluded behind one of the hills is Lake Mas Harun Bastari which offers a picturesque landscape and serene atmosphere.

Lake Mas Harun Bastari is located at Karang Jaya Village, Selupu Rejang District, Rejang Lebong Regency, in the province of Bengkulu.

Surrounded by fresh green vegetations, the lake radiates a certain exotic and tranquil atmosphere. This gem is also located not too far from Bukit Kaba, enabling you to visit two sites in one single trip. Lake Mas Harun Bastari encompasses a total area of 36 hectares. The hills surrounding the lake are planted with a variety of vegetable gardens which add to its fresh ambience. At the center of the lake is a small island which uniquely resembles the letter “C”. The locals say that the C-shaped island stands for the name of the  town of “Curup”.

Lake Mas Harun Bastari, Bengkulu
Lake Mas Harun Bastari, Bengkulu (Source :

On the east bank of the lake are a number of sheltering trees which make  a perfect place for laying back and soak up  the beauty of nature. The lake is perfect for a family vacation, where all members can enjoy spending time together in activities away from the bustling daily life.

The Lake area is further complemented with a spacious parking lot, clean toilets, and mushalla (prayers room). There is also a hall which is frequently used for both formal and informal gatherings or other social events.


There are a number of simple cafes and food vendors along the shores of the lake so you can enjoy the stunning scenery of the lake accompanied by a hot cup of coffee or other refreshments.

If you wish to try some of the local cuisine, look for Lemeah. Lemeah is a dish made from young bamboo sprouts which are chopped and mixed with a number fresh water fish. The Lemeah can be served in a number of ways which basically offers a sour and spicy taste.

Within the area of the lake are also a number of shops offering  souvenir T-shirts,clothes, and snacks.

If you wish to take home a distinct Rejang Lebong Regency’s souvenir,  browse for Batik Kaganga. The art of Batik Kaganga is inspired by batik Basurek, which is the distinct batik of Bengkulu. Batik Kaganga is highlighted with motifs based on the Kaganga alphabet, which are traditional letters of the Rejang language combined with depictions of the famous Rafflesia Arnoldi flower that are found aroun Rejang.

Opened since 1980’s, Lake Mas Harun Bastari today has a number of villas and other accommodation facilities. Initially there was only one hotel and three villas, however since 2004 there are at least 53 villas available near the lake.

If you wish to stay and enjoy the ambience of the lake you can rent some villas of varying types and different costs,  of course.

Rented boats and “water bicycles” (foot paddled boats) are avaiable to explore the lake. There is also an outbound arena, where you and the young ones can venture on  many challenging adventures like the Flying Fox.

There is also a playground for kids  which features various rides such as a  merry go round, balloon house, balloon pool, swings, and more.

For an authentic lake adventure, bring along your fishing gear and try the sensation of fishing on Lake Mas Harun Bastari.


Lake Mas Harun Bastari is situated some 17km from Curup, capital town and main hub of the Rejang Lebong Regency. Situated along the main road from  Bengkulu pass Curup to Lubuk Linggau, the lake can be reached from Bengkulu City in approximately 4 hours overland.

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