Kyai Langgeng Magelang, The Recreational Park

In Magelang city of Central Java province, there is a natural tourism object called Kyai Langgeng Park (KLP). The park is about 1 kilometer south of Magelang city center. The park is actually situated on Jalan Cempaka, Magelang. From Magelang bus station you can get to KLP by taking a bus having the route of Magelang – Wonosobo or Magelang – Tidar, and you stop at the KLP site.

KLP is within an area of 28 acres, offering a very beautiful natural view and clean environment. This park is not far form Mount Merapi, so the atmosphere around the area is fresh and cool. KLP also offers amazing natural beauty and also complete collection of flora and fauna. This park combines the aspects of tourism and education. It is reflected in the library inside the park area.

Kyai Langgeng Park, Magelang
Kyai Langgeng Park, Magelang (Source :

The KLP area provides huts and seats under big trees for visitors to enjoy the views of green rice-field, valley, river, and rows of hills. Besides the beauty of the panorama around the KLP area, this park also provides supporting facilities for visitors who want to do a research, for example a library research. The library has numerous collections of books.

In terms of flora and fauna, in KLP there are candlenut, sea putat, pili nut, Batoko plum, sausage trees, bael trees, manila tamarind trees, banyan trees, phyton snakes, deer, venison, arowana fish, antelope, ape, eagle, alligator, etc. KLP also provides visitors with facilities for rafting in the Progo Asri River.

The Kyai Langgeng Park, Magelang
The Kyai Langgeng Park, Magelang (Source :

To enter KLP you are charged around Rp 6,000. However, to enjoy each ride in the park such as the water ride, mini train, merry-go-round, etc., you must pay about Rp 3,000 – Rp 11,000 per person. If you want to go rafting, you must be ready to pay Rp 100,000.

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