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If bargaining is not for you, but you are still in search for the best priced souvenirs that the enchanting island of Bali has to offer, then do try the Krisna Souvenirs Center located in the island’s capital city of Denpasar and another around the Kuta beach area.

This is a one stop shopping center for any distinct Balinese souvenir ranging from a large variety T-shirts, sarongs, dresses, handicrafts, bed covers, knick knacks, handbags, silver products, paintings, carvings, foot ware, woven textiles, to all sorts of snacks, and many more. Unlike the market at Sukawati or other traditional markets where bargaining is the norm, all souvenirs and items sold here are at fixed prices or non-“bargainable”, however, they are reasonable and affordable.

Krisna Souvenirs Center, Bali
Krisna Souvenirs Center, Bali (Source :

The first Krisna Souvenir Center, named Krisna Nusa Indah, is located at Jalan Nusa Indah Street, in the heart of Denpasar City. With its popularity and success, Krisna expanded his business, opening more stores at jalan Nusa Kambangan Street (Krisna Nusa Kambangan) Denpasar, at Jalan Sunset Road Street (Krisna Sunset Road) in Kuta, and at Jalan Raya Tuban Street (Rama Krisna), located just 5 minutes from the Ngurah Rai International Airport.

Krisna Souvenir Center was first opened on 16th May 2007 by Gusti Ngurah Anom who also founded one of the popular T-shirt brands in Bali, named: COK. Featuring creative designs with distinct Balinese touch, these t-shirts have become the top products of Krisna.

At the Krisna Nusa Indah, one can observe the step by step process in creating the T-shirts. The second branch of Krisna, the Krisna Nusa Kambangan, is strategically located in the heart of Denpasar, making it easily accessible for anyone who wishes to hunt for a wide variety of souvenirs from all over the island all under one roof.

The Krisna Souvenirs Center, Bali
The Krisna Souvenirs Center, Bali (Source :

The Krisna Sunset Road is regarded as the largest and most complete souvenir center among all the others and is complemented with a restaurant. The latest addition to the Krisna group is the Rama Krisna just by the Ngurah Rai International Airport and opens 24 hours to cater to passengers who are pressed for time to catch a plane and did not have the opportunity to buy souvenirs.


Among the wide array of souvenirs and other items you can buy here are: T-shirts, shirts, dresses, sarongs, bedcovers, various fabrics, sandals and other footware, key chains, ashtrays, hand fans, decorative items, carry-all bags, bracelets, necklaces, udeng (Balinese traditional headbands), hats, purses, wallets, handbags, lots of accessories, spa and herbal products, and a host  more.

For authentic Balinese snacks you may want to try the Kacang Disco (or Disco Nuts), Roasted cashew nuts, the most favorite Pie Susu (Milk Pie), Pia Legong, various keripik (crackers), and many other tid-bits to take home and give to your family or office friends.


Located in and around the capital city of  Denpasar and Kuta Beach, you will have no problem to find the Krisna Souvenirs Centers. Taxi drivers, guides and travel agents will be most happy to take you there. If you use public transport, your taxi driver or other transport services will likely know the best route to the stores. In addition, Krisna Souvenir centers provide spacious parking space, so you will have no problem in parking your car.

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