Kri Eco, Beautiful Resort Of Raja Ampat Islands

Simple but comfortable, that is Kri Eco Resort Raja Ampat in the Kri Island, approximately 90 minutes by boat from Sorong, on the north-western tip of West Papua, Indonesia. White sandy beach, mountainous Kri Island and the singing of bird, make it surrounded by pristine nature. All of the guests are really like for its peaceful location. The resort is next door to Sorido Bay Resort, approximately 1.5 kilometers.

Kri Eco Resort Raja Ampat
Kri Eco Resort Raja Ampat (Source :

The resort provides six over-water guest bungalows which are built with vines from the jungle. They are perched high on wooden stilts over a shallow coral encrusted reef flat next to a long palm lined, fine white-sand beach. It makes the bungalows, have a cool sea breeze and great panoramic views. Each bungalows at Kri Eco Resort has two rooms and one separate sitting area equipped with bamboo table, benches, hammocks, single or double bed with luxurious mosquito nets, mirror and electric fan. Several traditional bathrooms with western style toilets are hidden behind the lush jungle in the beach. The bathrooms in Kri Eco are for guest to share.

Kri Eco Resort Raja Ampat
The bungalows of Kri Eco Resort (Source :

A restaurant is also provided by the Resort. It is a large over-water dining area with long tables, sheltered by a traditional palm thatched roof with a nice fresh breeze. The kitchen is always busy with staff cooking. Bread is freshly baked and pizza is a frequent treat. In the back, there are more staff, slicing fresh vegetables and fruits in the open air under the shade of the trees. Meals are freshly prepared, and ice boxes, supplied weekly from Sorong, contain fresh meats and can chill a beer. Coffee, tea and flavoured drinks are available all day.

The resort is located in the midst of gigantic reef systems encompassing virtually hundreds of dive sites with diverse topology and life which can be reached with relatively short boat rides.

From mucky shallow bays with shrimp gobies, octopus, nudibranchs and “twilight zone” critters; to lagoon channels overhung by rainforest; to rock islands undercut by the sea and covered with a kaleidoscope of tunicates and corals; to offshore reefs with raging currents supporting an variety of colorful soft and hard corals and fish, the diversity of Raja Ampat seems endless.

Kri Eco Resort Raja Ampat
The stunning resort of Kri Eco (Source :

In the closing episode of the day, we can see the sun goes down in over the calm waters from Kri Eco or from the jetty. Night is coming and you reflect on today’s diving activities in peace and quiet nights.

Enjoy the pure beauty of the Resort.


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