Kota Baru, The Beauty Of South Kalimantan

There are many tourist destinations in Kalimantan, one of which being Kotabaru. It is the capital city of Kotabaru district in South Kalimantan province. The city is located on a small island in the province.

There are many places of interest in Kotabaru. If you start from its seaport, go by ferry to a tourist object called Tanjung Serdang (Cape Serdang). The trip to the cape takes about 20 minutes. On the ferry trip, you can enjoy the interesting views of several small islands and mountainous areas.

The town of Kota Baru, South Kalimantan
The town of Kota Baru, South Kalimantan (Source : bappeda-kotabaru.info)

After arriving at the cape, you continue going to Kotabaru’s city center. In Kotabaru city you can see a lot of uniqueness such as a hilltop Pagoda building, an Islamic Center mosque with its unique dome, and interesting cafes along the seaside.

Pagoda on the hilltop, Kotabaru
Pagoda on the hilltop, Kotabaru (Source : tvrentcar.com)

Walking in the Kotabaru city is very enjoyable. The city is very friendly to the pedestrians and it provides very good pedestrian areas. While in Kotabaru, do not forget to visit Siring Laut, a large square near the beach from which you can enjoy the ocean view.

Siring Laut, Kotabaru
Siring Laut, Kotabaru (Source : kodoknews.com)

At a place called Tamiyang Sea Park, you can go diving. If you want to see the city and Mount Bamega from the sea, you must rent a motor boat which is well available around the sea park. To go shopping, you should visit Limbur Raya, the biggest shopping area in Kotabaru.

Tamiyang Sea Park, Kotabaru
Tamiyang Sea Park, Kotabaru (Source : kadatahutahu.blogspot.co.id)

A trip from Banjarmasin (the capital city of South Kalimantan) to Kotabaru takes around 9 hours by public transport or bus. You can go by bus or mini-bus. The fare for the AC bus is Rp 130,000 and for non-AC bus is Rp 80,000. The bus to Kotabaru departures from Banjarmasin’s Pal-6 Bus Terminal at 7 and 9 in the morning.

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