Komodo Dragons Trip

This is my trip report to see Komodo Dragons in their habitat, the Komodo National Park. I have been to Komodo National Park many times… but I am still excited to go there again and again..

Actually our plan to explore two main islands of Komodo National Park, Rinca Island and Komodo Island. On the first day we will go to Rinca Island, next day to Komodo Island… But we changed it, after see Komodo dragons in Rinca we though it was enough and better explore villages and some places around LabuanbajoFlores island.

Komodo Island Trip
Komodo Island Trip (Source : ksmtour.com)

I am glad that we had right decision so, we had opportunity to stop an a market, a traditional market where people selling their daily needs. Walk around a nice village with head of village, see house, people activities, meet and gathering with them…. It was a great day… I like it so munch…

Here is my day by day report… Click here!

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