Komodo Dragons Trip – Day 02

DAY 2 : Labuanbajo (Flores Island)

Today is more relax, since we don’t have to go to Komodo Island. If we still plan to Komodo Island, we should have to wake up early morning at 4.30 am in order to enable us to arrive at Komodo island at 8 p.m where the weather is not too hot.

I woke up early, its my habit. I opened up the curtain and saw that the sun has powerfully illuminate the world, though it was around 6.00 a.m. My eyes were really entertained by hotels garden view with its green grass, well maintained flower garden, etc.

Hotel Bintang Flores rooms is quite large; I think it is bigger than other hotels in general. I suppose all rooms in this hotel are facing toward the sea, so all guest can enjoy beautiful sea view.

This hotel has 4 star hotel facilities. AC, TV, refrigerator (empty at the time), coffee and tea maker, complete with tea, coffee and sugar, there is also working desk, sofa, coffee table, safety box, inner bathroom with cold and hot shower, but no bathtub.

Bintang Flores Hotel
Bintang Flores Hotel (Source : bintangfloreshotel.com)

After bath, I went to coffee shop located at the base floor. The coffee shop was empty. Only two tables were taken, one by a foreigner and the other one by my friend who arrive earlier. Maybe other guest has went to Komodo Island.

I did not see any buffet breakfast, unlike other hotels. I saw a long table, which might used for buffet is empty. I took a seat with my friends, then a waiter came approaching and gave the menu. So the breakfast is in set menu and not buffet.

There are three breakfast option; American Breakfast, Indonesian Breakfast and Continental Breakfast. I chose Indonesian breakfast and pick fried noodle. It was great. The waiter also offer tea and coffee and return with a plate of fresh fruits….

As we still have free time, we walk out by the sea. The sea was calm and its white sand is very clean. If only we don’t have to go on tour today, we would definitely love to swim. Satisfied by taking pictures, we back to the lobby where our friends and driver has wait.

Local Market Labuanbajo
Local Market Labuanbajo (Source : wikitravel.org)

We continued our village exploration around Labuanbajo area. Then we stop at a traditional market. This market operated everyday, where people sell and buy daily needs such as: rice, meat, vegetables, peanuts, cooking oil, etc. Some also sell clothes and cooking utensil such as pan, stove, spoon, bowl, etc.

We continue observe a village, around 15 – 20 km and the road is ascending. 40 minutes afterward we get to a hill top outside Labuanbajo and explore that village…

We met elementary school kids whose having a break time. When we were chat with them, a man with government official uniform come over us and introduced himself…. It turns out that he is the head of the village. He is very friendly, giving description about his village and offer to accompany us exploring his village. Very impressive.

Along the road, villagers house in line neatly. Some are board walled, bamboo weaving walled and some house has brick wall like modern houses. But all houses have one thing in common. They all has zinc roof.

Traditional Hand Weaving
Traditional Hand Weaving (Source : triptrus.com)

Arrive at a house, we were allowed to enter the house and found a woman is weaving. We also had a chance to talk with the villagers.

Before return, we also had a long discussion with head of the village and the authorities there. They also served us warm, aromatic Flores coffee, banana and also arak (distilled alcohol drink). But I don’t drink arak, I’m scared that it will irritate my stomach.

On that discussion, we were told about tourism attraction on their village such as: weaving, traditional arak making, village panorama, and also bird watching around their forest.

Spent an hour there, we leave the village and visit local arak making, then go on to Labuanbajo. When we arrive at Labuanbajo, it is almost 2 p.m. We decided to eat at Padang restaurant to save the time.

After lunch, we continue by doing some site inspection at hotels in Labuanbajo, while I return to hotel because my ankle were sprain when I saw water channel at the village back then. My ankle felt hurt and difficult to walk, so I decided to stay at the hotel. I spent all afternoon by massaging and compress my sprain leg.

I also did not go out with my friend that night. They have diner at Labuanbajo. I decided to use room service facility. Room service menus are also good.

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