Kencana Lepus : Lampung’s Authentic Traditional House

At a glance, one may not notice anything special about the house at Jalan Diponegoro No 56, in the Sukadana Village, of East Lampung Regency, Lampung province. However, the black painted house is actually one of Lampung’s authentic traditional houses which has been designated as a cultural reserve featuring collections and information on the cultural history of the province.

The 24 x 20 meter traditional house was built in the mid 17th century (1650), in the reign of Minak Rio Kudu Islam. Initially, the house was built of nangi wood without the use of any nail, and featured roof tiles brought especially from the city of Palembang in the neighboring province of Central Sumatra.  At that time, the house was one of the largest and most luxurious in the region.

Today the house has undergone a number of renovations, however, its original and authentic architecture have been maintained. Nowadays,  the house is under the care of Hj.Uzunuhir who is heir to the original owner of the house. She is the wife of the late Sultan Kencana, who initiated the transformation of the house to become Lampung’s  House on Cultural Informatiion, carrying  the name Kencana Lepus. The name “Kencana” itself was taken from the husband’s name, while “Lepus” was the title given to Hj. Uzunuhir.

Kencana Lepus, Lampung
Kencana Lepus, Lampung (Source :

The Kencana Lepus House on Lampung’s Cultural Information plays an important role  in supporting the Lampung Museum as media to preserve some of the historical collections of the province. The traditional house gathers, preserves, and showcases some of the most valuable cultural items of Lampung, besides replicas, as well as provides information on all aspects of the culture of Lampung.

Among some of the most valuable collections are:  an Al Qur’an printed in 1883, an early 19thCentury marble table, a Pepadun or throne from the 17th century, Semambu Ulung or rattan staff from the 17th century, payan spear also  from the 17th century, and more. There are also collections that come from  the daily life of Lampung such as the kendi or water jug, a torch lamp from the 19th century, wooden shoes from the 17th century, and more.


Sate Bandeng  (Fish Skewer) is a distinct food of East Lampung. If you love Durians, try this special favorite fruit of the area.

Here are some restaurants in the area:

Warung Nasi Winda

Pasar Sukadana Blok C No. 132

Jalan Raya Lintas Sukadana, Sukadana

Warung Nasi Mbak Ayin

Pasar Sukadana Blok C No. 93

Jalan Raya Lintas Sukadana

As the capital town of East Lampung Regency, Sukadana also act as the regency’s center of facilities and economic activities. There are several hotels and inns available in Sukadana, including:

Hotel Tekli

Way Jepara, Lindung

Jl. Raya Way Jepara No. 158 Way Jepara

Desa Wisata Plang Hijau

Way Kambas Desa Rajabasa Lama Kec. Way Jepara

Pondok Eko Wisata

Plang Ijo Way Kambas Lab. Ratu

Cempaka Indah

Jl. Raya Bandar Sri Bawono Bandar Sribawono

Hotel AG

Jl. Ir. Sutami Km. 38 No. 9 Desa Sekampung Kec. Sekampung Udik

Jl. Lintas Timur Desa Karya Tani Lb. Maringgai

Hotel AG Bersama Sariami

Simpang Pugung Desa Pugung Raharjo Kecamatan Jabung

Windu Perkasa

Jl. Raya Mulyo  Asri Kecamatan  Pasir Sakti

Wisma Mataram

Jl. Mataram Baru No. 20 B Desa Mataram Baru

This is a perfect place to observe and learn about the history and culture of the people of Lampung. Here you will observe not only its variety of  collections but you can also obtain  information of these items  such as their history, how they are used, and more.

The building’s unique architecture and its distinct features also make it an excellent object for photography. Featuring distinct Lampung’s carved motifs on its doors, windows and other parts of the wall, the traditional house itself is truly an attraction not to be missed.


The house is located at Jalan  Diponegoro no.56 in the Sukadana Village, Sukadana town, East Lampung Regency, Lampung Province, right next to the Sukadana Village Office. The town of Sukadana itself is the capital of the East Lampung Regency and is situated some 30 Km from Metro Town or about 80 Km from Bandar Lampung City, capital of Lampung Province. You can reach the town in a  2 hours drive using  rented car or public bus.

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