Kelimutu Lake, The Crater Lake At The Top Of Kelimutu Mountain

If you ever find yourself on the floral island of Flores, don’t overlook the beauty of Kelimutu Lake. Kelimutu is a crater lake that is located at the top of Kelimutu Mountain. The beauty of this lake lies in its uniqueness not found anywhere else on our planet, because the lake holds waters of three different colors. This is why Kelimutu is also known as Danau Tiga Warna (Three Color Lake).

Kelimutu, Three Colored Lakes
Kelimutu, Three Colored Lakes (Source :

The word Kelimutu comes from the combination of the word “Keli” which means mountain and “mutu”which means to boil. According to local belief the colored lakes have their own meaning and also a very natural force. The blue lake is for the spirits of young souls who died at a very young age. The red lake is known as a place for the evil spirits of the dead and finally the white is home to the elder spirits.

The amazing of the crater Kelimutu lake
The amazing of the crater Kelimutu lake (Source :

For most of the time, Kelimutu has a different color for each lake, however, at certain moments in the past Kelimutu had similar colors to one another. It was when the colours changed that the locals believed something enormous was about to happen and the locals lay a lot of belief in these nuances. Scientifically, the colours of Kelimutu occur due to the chemical formation of the salt, iron, sulfates and gas pressure. Volcanic activity and sunlight also have a major factor on the colours of Kelimutu.

Lakes of Mount Kelimutu
Lakes of Mount Kelimutu (Source :

The best way to reach Kelimutu is by hiring a car from Ende. The journey will take you roughly around 2 hours where you will arrive in the small village of Moni. From this small village you still have another 20 minutes easing your way up the mountain roads. The best option would definitely be to stay overnight in Moni as the best time to view Kelimutu is from 6 am – 11 am. Once you have been driven up the mountain road it will be another 30 minutes on foot before you finally achieve your goal. Expect to come across others especially if you are trekking before sunrise.

The village of Moni, gateway to kelimutu
The village of Moni, gateway to kelimutu (Source :

Besides Kelimutu Lake, there are other places of interest in and around the village of Moni. You will be greeted by very friendly locals all offering you some great hospitality. From traditional houses to Traditional dances, you won’t be disappointed by the culture on offer here. Surrounding the village of Moni there are numerous hot springs where you can bathe and unwind from a hard days trekking. The best time to visit Kelimutu is between July through to September.


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