Kanawa Island, Crystal Clear Waters And Fine White Sand

Kanawa is everyone’s image of paradise – crystal clear waters, fine white sand and the gently lapping of water at your feet. Kanawa is a small, picturesque island just off the coast of Labuan Bajo, Flores.

Getting there is very easy and there are numerous ways to access the island. You can take a boat trip to Rinca and the captain will be more than happy to drop you off on the return journey. You can book directly through their office, which is located on the main street in Labuan Bajo. Or you can just ask your hotel in Labuan Bajo to arrange a boat to pick you up and take you directly there.

The Kanawa island, Flores
The Kanawa island, Flores (Source : frvbali.com)

The island of Kanawa has a dozen or so bungalows that are basic yet definitely fit the style of island life. Most bungalows will range from Rp 200,000 ($20) to Rp 250,000 ($25). They are all fitted with the standard island life hammock to while away the days. It is most advisable to book before your arrival as you could be faced with spending a night on the beach if the accommodation is full.

There is a dive operation on Kanawa that is run by the same people and this is one of the reasons people venture to this gem of an island. The diving is some of the best in Indonesia and they organize dives most days. If diving isn’t your thing, snorkeling is some of the best you will find in these waters. It has been said you don’t need to dive to see the marine life in these waters. Snorkeling, you will probably see turtles, manta rays and if you are lucky, even reef sharks. You can also rent Kayaks for a very reasonable price. You could probably paddle around the island in little under one hour.

Snorkeling on Kanawa island, Flores
Snorkeling on Kanawa island, Flores (Source : samanthasiahaanxvi.blogspot.co.id)

There is only one restaurant on the island yet don’t be deterred as the cooking is very homely and handsome portions are served to feed your appetite. Of course the fresh fish is highly recommended as well as the lobster spaghetti!

If you are a sunset seeker then this island definitely won’t disappoint you. At dusk as the sun descends, the skies are soaked in a blood red orange cloak of colour. You will kick yourself if you don’t have your camera!

If you are looking for lazy days then Kanawa is definitely the place for you. The beach has a handful of hammocks strung between trees as well as bamboo mats and beanbags. Everything is basic but what else do you need on an island like this?

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