Kalimantan, One Of The Last Wild Jungle Frontiers On Earth

The time you spend in Kalimantan will change you. You’ll carry away with you a sense of awe, of wonder, and of having experienced a piece of an ancient mystery. Kalimantan is one of the last wild jungle frontiers on earth. See it quickly before the chainsaws of progress forever erase it.

Semolon Waterfall, North Kalimantan
Semolon Waterfall, North Kalimantan (Source : traveloka.com)

Kalimantan is located on the world’s third largest island – Borneo – which also includes a portion of Malaysia and the nation of Brunei. Kalimantan is the Indonesian portion. It covers an area roughly the size of France and is divided onto four separate provinces – West Kalimantan, East Kalimantan, South KalimantanNorth Kalimantan, and Central Kalimantan.

Visiting Kalimantan is like living a legend. It’s a place of ancient shamanism, headhunters, white water rapids, orangutans, exotic flora, and fauna – a place where wild and life truly come together.

Orangutans in Tanjung Puting
Orangutans in Tanjung Puting (Source : stayhello.com)

Traveling in Kalimantan – as delightful as the experience can be – is not for the faint at heart traveler. You won’t find much is the way of air conditioned, cushioned comfort here. You’ll likely find yourself on a wooden boat cruising one of Kalimantan’s many rivers or on an old bus slogging your way through the dense jungle on roads that will test your resolve.

When you leave, you will be wondering if you discovered something wonderful in Kalimantan or if Kalimantan helped you discover something wonderful within yourself.

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