Trace The Ancient Javanese Hindu Civilization On Kailasa Museum

If you like religious objects, you should visit the Kailasa Dieng Museum. In this museum, you could trace the ancient Javanese Hindu civilization of the 7th and 8th centuries.

The Kailasa Museum is situated in Gedung Arca Compound and belongs to the Central Java Conservation Agency in Dieng, Batur sub-district, Banjarnegara district, Central Java.

Since it is situated within the Dieng area, you could also see a beautiful and cold environment because the Dieng highlands is not only famous for its ancient civilization but also its beautiful and natural scenery.

Dieng was a volcano, which erupted and destroyed its peak. This highland was made of dead cauldrons which filled with water to become a lake. The lake dried and was used for Hindu religious activities.

Historically, Dieng was a ritual site for Hindu followers. Up to the present, 22 ancient Javanese epigraphs tell about Dieng as a center for religious activities. Here, you will be astonished by temples near the Museum.

The collections of Kailasa Museum, Dieng
The collections of Kailasa Museum, Dieng (Source :

Some say, the names of these temples were taken from the names of players in Mahabrata stories such as Arjuna, Bima, Setyaki, Gatot Kaca, Dwarawati, Sembadra, Kunti, and Srikandi. In addition to these temples, you could also find loose sculptures near the Dieng temple compound such as Arca Nandi (a bull), a symbol of Siva and Mahaguru.

When entering the museum, you will see Dieng’s antique sculptures. After that, you could climb steps to an information room where you could get as much information as possible, such as the history of Dieng highland and its temples.

The Kailasa Museum, Dieng in Central Java
The Kailasa Museum, Dieng in Central Java (Source :

Several panels provide information about the life of local inhabitants in the highlands. Some panels also tell about their lifestyle and agriculture, and information about local Mosques and Mushallas, arts, and the Myth of Anak Bajang. Other panels provide more information about the Dieng highlands as a center for Hindu ritual activities and about its temples. Dieng is taken from the word “Di” which means mountain, and “Hyang” which means God. Thus, Dieng means a mountain where Gods live.

The Kailasa Museum is taken from a epigraph. It means a holy mountain. This Museum was officially inaugurated by the Minister of Tourism, Jero Wacik, in 2008. It was built to provide information about the Dieng highlands.


The easiest way is to go to Jogjakarta and arrange a trip by car to Dieng. There are direct flights to Jogjakarta from Jakarta or Bali.

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