Jimbaran, The Paradise Of Bali

Jimbaran is located a little over 20 minutes drive south from Kuta and is popular amongst honeymooners that come to experience the paradise Bali is renowned for. It was once a sleepy backwater fishing village providing fish for the local community. This all started to change in the early eighties when it was deemed to be a great spot to build several very luxurious resorts. A popular example of this is the Keraton Jimbaran Resort and Spa.

Most of the accommodation in Jimbaran is high end Hotels and a few boutique hotels. A very popular hotel is the Keraton Jimbaran with world class facilities. There really isn’t anything of interest here for the budget discerning traveler although you may be able to find basic losmens around the back streets off the main road.

Jimbaran beach, Bali
Jimbaran beach, Bali (Source : bali-indonesia.com)

The beautiful thing about the Beach at Jimbaran is that it is over five hundred meters from the main road and is rarely troubled with traffic. The Beach itself is of a natural crescent form and is long enough to take pleasant walks along however because it is still a place for fishermen you can occasionally come across a few dead fish that never quite made it back to the ocean. Jimbaran has never been a busy spot in Bali as it does tend to attract a quieter more nature loving tourist.

Seafood Culinary Jimbaran Beach, Bali
Seafood Culinary Jimbaran Beach, Bali (Source : gustibali.info)

Jimbaran will amaze you once the sun sets as this it is the place to come and taste the great seafood the Balinese have to offer. The Beach basically turns into an open air restaurant once the sun has set and it is definitely the spot for romantic couples. It has to be said that the simplicity of a few chairs and tables along the Beach is very appealing. Even though the outside décor may be simple you can rest assured that the seafood you eat here is world class. Once you have chosen a table you will be invited into the back of the restaurant to choose which fish you would like. There is an array of seafood on offer from Lobster, King Prawns, Barracuda and Squid… the choice is endless.

Dreamland beach in Bali
Dreamland beach in Bali (Source : balitourismboard.org)

If the Beach in Jimbaran is not to your liking then Dreamland is a popular day trip and is only 20 minutes drive away. Uluwatu is also another great spot to surf or just even watch those surfers courageously tackle the waves.

Jimbaran really is a place to unwind and enjoy all that Bali has to offer as it is strategically located with the shops of Kuta and Seminyak only 20 -30 minutes away. There are a few chic boutiques along the main road in Jimbaran and it is only a matter of time before more start to open.

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