Jakarta : Capital City Of The Republic Of Indonesia

Welcome to Jakarta! As a vast cosmopolitan city and Capital of the sprawling Republic of Indonesia, Jakarta is a city that never sleeps. Center of government, politics, business and finance, Jakarta provides among its skyscrapers, world class hotels and restaurants, prime convention and exhibition halls, giant fully air-conditioned malls across this metropolis and a plethora of leisure activities for the entire family.

Bundaran Hotel Indonesia - Jakarta
Bundaran Hotel Indonesia – Jakarta (Source : expedia.co.id)

Being the center where through the centuries merchants come to trade and people from all over the archipelago converge, Jakarta is Indonesia’s modern and dynamic face to the world yet remaining strongly rooted in history and tradition. Here Kota Tua, the Old Batavia, built by the Dutch East India Company in 1619 is preserved and revitalized as Heritage site, alongside other colonial heritage buildings. The indigenous Betawi culture continues to be preserved and developed, while to get a quick overview of Indonesia’s geography, culture, nature and social life, the Indonesia in Miniature Park provides a bird’s eye view of “the whole of Indonesia in one extensive park”.

Kota Tua, Jakarta
Kota Tua, Jakarta (Source : en.wikipedia.org)

And, as a global city, Jakarta offers the best of Cuisines, from Fine Dining to Food Streets filled with mouth-watering dishes from Indonesia’s Rendang, Soto, Satay to Chinese, Indian, European or Middle Eastern restaurants.

For leisure, sport and recreation Jakarta has The Thousand Islands fronting the capital city, a playground for swimming, fishing and diving. While as hinterland are the green mountains of West Java to cool down and relax, play golf, or go paragliding, caving and rafting.

So, whether you come for business, shopping, concerts or participate in Sports competitions, Jakarta promises an array of things to enjoy and do. Experience Dynamic Jakarta. Enjoy Jakarta! (Credit to : Jakarta City Government Tourism & Culture Office)

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