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Tana Toraja, Tongkonan houses
Tana Toraja, Tongkonan houses (Source :

Indonesia is an archipelago and  has more than 17,000 islands that look fascinating and are just astonishing. It is really big and you really need a plan properly your vacation in Indonesia. There are a lot of beautiful and wonderful places to visit in Indonesia. Here, some of them as follow.


Bali - Indonesia
Bali – Indonesia (Source :

The most known places in Indonesia. Bali is one of the popular destination for the travelers and in fact, Bali is one of beautiful places in the world. The wavy and white sandy beaches, lush and green forest, terrace rice field, mystical temples, amazing arts and culture – all these things will make your trip a memorable one. And the last, you will be impressed with the hospitality of the Balinese people.


Bunaken (Source :

Bunaken Marine Park is an underwater park that can be said as a paradise on earth. It is a marvel place in Indonesia and offers a cozy stay for the tourists. Diving is wonderful experience in Bunaken. Tourists begin their day with a dive in the morning and end their day also with diving. They say that there are always something new every time they go to dive.


Yogyakarta (Source :

Yogyakarta is a capital city of Kasultanan Ngayogyakarta Hadiningrat (Ngayogyakarta Hadiningrat Sultanate), a small kingdom that still exist until this time and became a part of Indonesia. It is famous by its outstanding history and cultural heritage. Yogyakarta was one of the centre of civilization in Java, that is why, it has numerous thousand-years-old temples such as Borobudur, Prambanan, Mendut, Kalasan and another else. Yogyakarta has Kraton, a sultan’s palace which still serves as its usefulness.

Bukit Tinggi

Bukit Tinggi
Bukit Tinggi (Source :

Bukit Tinggi is placed on highlands at 930 m above sea level, a pleasant place with cool climate. Bukit Tinggi is one of the best place to stay in West Sumatra and always welcomes to the tourists. The tourist attraction in Bukit Tinggi are Ngarai Sianok – an amazing valley, Jam Gadang – a big clock like Big Ben in London, Benteng Fort de Kock – a fort that built by Dutch in 1825, Lubang Jepang – Foxholes for Japanese soldiers during the war.

Sorake Beach

Sorake beach
Sorake beach (Source :

Sorake is a beautiful beach in Nias, an island at west side of North Sumatra. Sorake has a very beautiful beach scenery and challenging waves for surfing. That’s why, Sorake is very famous among the top surfer and became a heaven for them. There is a unique culture in South Nias, called Fahombo or stone jumping.

The places above are several destinations of thousand of other tourists destination in Indonesia. But, you can explore them so much and you will really enjoy your vacation. Natural beauty, excellent climate, good culture and friendly people, what more can you expect from a holiday destination like this. Just visit Indonesia and return home with great beautiful memories.

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