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Every year, thousands of people all over the world travel to Bali, one of the famous and most popular tourist destinations. Although Bali has been a popular destination in tourism, mostly of Bali is an untouched wilderness and their cultured is still uninfluenced by tourism. You can watch the culture and ritual ceremony of the Balinese that they do day by day without affected by tourist. The nature is also wilderness and you still be able to hear the song of crickets or frogs after the sun goes down.

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Bali is beautiful island with full of private, isolated and tranquil accommodation. The hotel rooms, suites and villas, all of them offer you a private and tranquil space. Various kind and type of accommodation are offered here. From simple rooms, just only for laying down your body, to the luxury villas that will indulge your desire. Form villa or hotel  at the beach to the hotel and villa at the highland. Those are many choice that offer to you and you are able to select the one that you love to and of course, fits you budget.

Beach of Bali
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Activities.. of course, you still need activities, although you prefer to lay down at spas. There are so many activities are offered to fill your holiday. First, go to the beach. Bali is famous for its beach. You can do many things there such as beach games, water sport, underwater exploring or just lay down on the beach watching the sun goes down. You can make day trip around Bali like go to Uluwatu or Ubud or wherever you like. Or perhaps you want to learn about something in Bali like painting, dance, yoga, meditation, etc. You can ask to your hotel receptionist about this and they will help you with pleasure.

Kecak dance, Bali
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About culinary.. there are a wide selection of culinary in Bali. From the traditional dishes to international one. From simple fast-food to luxury healthy culinary. But, I want to tell you what my favorite is. I really like go to Jimbaran. They have a delicious fresh seafood. I recommend this place.

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