Holidays in Island Of Nias

Have you imagine to have holidays in island of Nias? The biggest island in western of Sumatra Island which covers an area of 5,625 km². There are 131 smaller island surrounding Nias. To get there, you can reach it by ferries from Sibolga, a city in western shore of North Sumatra Province, or by plane from Kualanamu International Airport, Deli Serdang regency.

Bawomataluo, The traditional village of Nias
Bawomataluo, The traditional village of Nias (Source :

Holidays to Nias means that you will find and enjoy origin natural beach views. Well, Nias Island is another undiscovered paradise in Indonesia. The most advantage of Nias is you can enjoy beautiful virgin beaches with world-class waves for surfing especially the beaches which face Indonesian Ocean. A lot of world-class surfer say that Nias is the best! best waves for surfing.

There are some good places for surfing. Such as Lagundri Bay and Sorake Beach in southern Nias, Afulu Beach in Northern Nias and Hinako Islands, Bawa Islands and Asu Islands in west off coast of Nias Island. They have magnificent waves for surfing and make all of surfers are satisfied to have holidays in the island of happiness, Nias.

Surfing in Nias, North Sumatra
Surfing in Nias, North Sumatra (Source :

To have surfing holidays, means that you must have a good planning and preparation. In fact, you have to prepare the equipment and supply of food by yourself. It is very important because of some places far enough and cloistered. It seems so difficult, but in reality the locals will help you in hospitality. Especially for the adventurers, You will find a different nuances of life!

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