Holidays in Bali, Only For Surfers!

Sometimes, it is very difficult to find a perfect spot for surfing, especially when you come for the first time and do not know the area very well.

Surviving while traveling

In one way or another, aside from the business purpose that some travelers pursue, traveling is known to be one outlet for the adventurous aspect of a lot of people. Sure, traveling can be one heck of a fun activity. However, one is never sure on what untoward incident that can be encountered while enjoying the sights and scenes during the trip.

To avoid getting caught off guard while traveling, here are a few tips to ensure survival while traveling:

  1. Know your water. To prevent getting any kind of diarrhea caused by contaminated water those water-borne diseases, make sure you boil your drinking water for at least 10 minutes.
  2. Milk will do. Remember that thing they say regarding milk as the complete food? It still is true. As long as you boil it for at least 10 minutes too, like water, it will serve as one of your best sources of nutrition, better opt for a more popular brand of milk product.
  3. Vitamins. Bringing vitamins will help in warding off many of the diseases that an unguarded (with resistance-building supplements) person may be so prone to. Multivitamins can be more convenient to bring than separate vitamins for various needs.
  4. Battling extreme temperatures. These troubles may include temperature or weather induced inconveniences. An online consultation will inform one what to bring to gear up against any problem that may be caused by the weather or temperature. If you are to go to one of the warmer spots of the world, your luggage will benefit a lot since you don’t have to bring a heavy and thick wardrobes.
  5. Taking care of your skin. Don’t forget your bottle of moisturizer if you’re going somewhere cold. A sunscreen will be very indispensable too. A lotion or anything that will ward off insects is one must-have that should never be overlooked either.

Here is several surfing spots in Bali.

Go and catch the waves !


Uluwatu Beach
Uluwatu Beach (Source :

Uluwatu is the indicator break for the west side of the hill and very consistent. Extensive coral reefs offers a range of peaks that changed all of the stages of different pairs. This peak directly in front of you as you paddle out of the cave and is a consistent wave that works at all tide stages. Outer corner only breaks at low tide on the biggest swells and is a classical wave. Racetrack is the best fast excited waves at low tide. The bombie will break on the largest swells and is rideable up to 20′ or even bigger!


Padang - Padang Beach Bali
Padang – Padang Beach, Bali (Source :

Padang-Padang is famous for its balinese pipeline, a very fast long barrelling wave that lives up to it’s reputation as the most serious wave in bali. Like to Hawaii’s pipeline, the bali pipeline also breaks over a shallow coral reef and is only for expert surfers. There is also Padang-Padang rights, wave which breaks in front of a beautiful white sandy beach. This is a very easy and is suitable for beginners, longboarders and intermediate surfers.

This is a perfect surf spot for learner surfers to progress from riding whitewater to unbroken waves. The conditions at high tide are very forgiving – a long slow unbroken wave which can reform from whitewater to swell. Padang-Padang is also famous as a beautiful location for sunbathing and watching the sunset.


Bingin Beach
Bingin Beach (Source :

Bingin is a perfect machine wave that works best around mid tide. It is a very consistent wave and throws out many perfect barrels. If you want to practice barrel riding lefts – bingin could be the perfect location. At low tide it can be very shallow and for expert surfers only. At high tide the wave can break very soft and is where the bali children learn to surf. High tide can be perfect for long boarders or intermediate surfers.


Dreamland Beach
Dreamland Beach (Source :

Dreamland is a beautiful white sand beach a short walk from Impossibles & Bingin. There are many different breaks that work at different stages of the tide and is suitable for novice surfers as it breaks over sand. The best wave is an A frame peak that works best at low tide on a big swell. There is also a punchy shorebreak wave where you will see balinese and visiting surfers exhibiting their skills at the water’s edge. Dreamland is a perfect location to spend the day surfing, sunbathing and handing out in the local warungs.


Balangan Beach
Balangan Beach (Source :

Balangan is the next break on the bukit and is walking distance from Dreamland. It is a reef break but has a beautiful white sand beach which is very quiet and beautiful. Balangan is a fun left hander that is not so fast as the other reef breaks on the bukit and is suitable for intermediate surfers.

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