Holiday in Indonesia

Are you looking for a holiday destination that will pamper you to tropical panoramic and splendors, the traditional culture of a foreign land, adrenaline pumping adventure sports, exquisite cuisine, the best of landscapes and waterscapes and a rejuvenating experience?

The answer is just visit the archipelago of Indonesia.

Everything that somebody expect from a tropical holiday is easily find in Indonesia. Its beaches are very famous entire the world. Indonesian spectacular beaches offer the tourists fun water sports, snorkeling, diving, surfing and of course, fine sandy beaches and sun bathing. Almost forget,  make yourself as the witness of the beauty of the sunset while enjoying a glass of coconut ice.

Tropical Indonesia
Tropical Indonesia (Source :

Natural of Indonesia will pamper you with a beautiful and romantic scenery. Mountains in the distance, winding rivers, green rice fields and blue skies… it like takes you into another atmosphere. And if you are in the hills at night, you will enjoy panorama of city lights flickering in the distance. Very romantic…

In Indonesia, there are many budget hotels and they are easy to find. They offer the best price for economic and smart holidays. And the cuisine… there are a wide selection of cuisine in Indonesia, from traditional to international style. You can definitely enjoy all of the cuisine.

Wildlife expedition is an exciting attraction and Indonesia offers it for its tourists. About 70% of the regions in Indonesia are covered by most tropical forest consisting of various plant species and become the habitation to various kinds of wild animals. Lots of wildlife which is native forest endemic in Indonesia, for example, babi rusa, anoa and Maleo. But unfortunately some animal species threatened by extinction, such as the Sumatran tiger and Java rhino. Even some animal species have become extinct at all like the Java tiger and Bali tiger.

Menara Kudus
Menara Kudus (Source :

Indonesian history was influenced by three major religions : Hinduism, Buddhism and Islam. People cannot miss visiting places of historical interest and religious significance like Borobudur – a Buddhism temple, Prambanan – a Hinduism temple and Menara Kudus – a Mosque in Kudus.   These sights give a most splendid insight into the rich cultural heritage of Indonesia.

A modern life also develop in the city of Indonesia like Jakarta, Bandung, Medan, Surabaya. Malls are built in town and change it into the shopper’s paradise. The nightlife in these Indonesian cities is so colorful and spectacular. With bright neon lights, exotic entertainers and scintillating strains of music, the nightclubs here offer the most ingenious ways to party the night away.

Go Travel – Preparation

Well, it is time for you to take vacation. It is the time to retreat from your busy working day. The time that your family has been waiting for. Enjoy it with your lovely couples and kids…

So, let’s go preparing your trip. A well planned and prepared trip can make all of you feel happier in your vacation and holiday. Here are some points to consider when planning and preparing your holiday.

It is recommended that you check out the local climate and weather conditions of your destination first. Indonesia is a tropical country which the temperature hovers at around 30°C throughout the year. The best time to visit the archipelago is during dry season, from from April to October. The humidity is relatively less and weather is pleasant at this time. Rain tends to come in sudden tropical downpours, but it can also rain nonstop for days. Wet season starts from October to April. Though travel in the wet season is possible and not usually a major problem in most parts of Indonesia, it can be a deterrent to some activities. Rains can make travel prohibitive, when rough seas cancel ferries. But climatic impediments aside, any time is a good time to head to Indonesia at the moment.

Malaria may be present in some areas, especially in tropical climate area like in archipelago. If you plan to go there, it is wise to have some medical advice before travelling on some anti-malaria drugs that you will need during the trip. Pack a medical kit with painkillers, bug repellants, anti-diarrhea pills, bandages and antiseptics for yourself and anyone traveling with you. Make sure that you have enough dosage for your trip. It may prove difficult to obtain repeat prescriptions when you abroad, so do not forget to keep a prescription for any drugs that you will be bring for your trip. Consider to have immunizations to avoid you from diseases. Finally, ensure that your insurance coverage is adequate in case you become sick or injured abroad.

A crucial consideration is to pack wisely and don’t over-pack. The key is to travel light and smart. It is recommended that you check out the local climate and weather conditions first. If you have a trip to Indonesia, the safest preventative against malaria is to avoid being bitten by mosquito. Long- sleeved shirts, trousers and insect repellent will help protect you from mosquitoes . Wearing neutral-colored clothing will help you reflect the sun, keeping you cooler. A good sun block, suitable sunhat and sunglasses will help you avoid the most common health problem during on holidays, sun-burn. Be sure to include good walking shoes  or sandals that are comfortable.  And do not forget swim-wear.

Passport and visa
Of course, do not forget your passport and visa for identification. Make sure your passport is valid for at least 6 months beyond the date of your return from your trip. Visa may also be required to be arranged before you arrive. Keep your passport and visa safely. For international travel, always remember to bring your passport wherever you go.

Most people are lucky enough to experience no mishaps or bad luck on their travels. But, there is always the chance that something might go wrong, go missing, or you might fall ill and need medical attention. So, it is worth taking out travel insurance which is both easy to obtain and affordable. It also cover yourself against certain dangerous activities. Make sure also that the insurance policy provide cover for loss of holiday money through cancellation or curtailment of the holiday and you are insured  since you book your holiday. It will cover your holiday deposit.

It is advisable to consider using two wallets. Hide one of them with the bulk of your cash, traveler’s checks, credit cards and other essential items in a safe place on your person. Fill the second wallet with a small amount of money, and use that for routine spending.  You should avoid counting your money in public, as this will cause the unwanted attention of potential thieves.  ATMs are commonplace now. You can withdraw your money any time. Foreign currencies, either banknotes or travelers cheques, are easily exchanged at banks and money changers in major tourist destinations. Credit cards are accepted at most hotels and restaurants in main cities.

Choosing Travel Accommodation

There are many things to consider when choosing your travel accommodations. The decision could make your trip fun or a disappointment. Choosing the right hotel is a must. Most travelers spend more time in airline ticket reservations and bargains but less time in choosing the right accommodations. Thus they may end up on the wrong side of the bed during their stay.

To get the most out of your hotel accommodations, remember to book as early as possible and make your dates more flexible. Hotels that specialize business people will consider weekends as off season. Family vacationers could tap into these special packages during weekends. Primarily, you should choose your hotel based on name, amenities, features, price, packages and location.

Here are some considerations in choosing your best travel accommodations:

  1. Accommodations should be family-friendly. Always ask if your hotel offers children activity areas with educational and fun activities supervised by duly-trained care-givers.
  2. Your hotel should provide a swimming pool for children, daycare service, crib rental and child-proof electrical outlets.
  3. Stay in a hotel that has electronic room-key cards and has a security viewer installed on their doors.
  4. Make it a priority to choose a room on the upper floor.
  5. If you’re the one who likes to spend more time in your hotel room and the balcony, you should ask for the available amenities and the conditions of the surrounding environment.
  6. Depending on whether you’re on a private or business trip, ask your hotel about the availability of laundry service, hair dryers, coffee makers, newspapers, free meals, fax machine, bar, cable television, parking, shuttle service, internet connection, etc.
  7. The hotel property layout and its location may speak more of its surrounding environment. Noisy locations such as construction on adjacent property, car traffic and noisy waterfalls are not specified on hotel flyers. So be sure to ask about it.
  8. Beautifully landscaped surroundings with trees, flowers and inner courts also enhance your travel pleasure. Moreover, gift shops and restaurants all add up to a wonderful travel experience.
  9. The location of your hotel with respect to main attraction is equally important. It could save you money on taxi and bus fare.
  10. Make sure that the room service is provided 24 hours a day.

Flights to Indonesia

There are usually two destinations form the gateways for flights to Indonesia, Jakarta, (the capital city of Indonesia) is served by Soekarno-Hatta International airport (CGK) and Denpasar, Bali – is served by Ngurah Rai Airport (DPS).

Jakarta is the centre of government, commerce and industry. Jakarta is also the head office of the national airline, Garuda Indonesian, which operates flights to Jakarta from numerous international airports and has onward flights from Jakarta to a variety of airports within Indonesia itself.

Denpasar is the capital city of Province of Bali. Bali is one of the popular holiday destination for the traveler. The most flight passengers are the tourists who want spend their vacation in Bali. Some of them are businessman. Ngurah Rai, the name of the international airport in Bali, is taken from the name of Bali hero. Denpasar is a world apart from the chaos of Jakarta. Many airlines are busy in Ngurah Rai International Airport with their schedules and routes, such as KLM, JAL, SIA etc.

Garuda Indonesia
Garuda Indonesia (Source :

Domestic flights within Indonesia have more choice from many different airlines, both low cost and full service. Garuda Indonesia is still the favorite choice for travelers to reach other provincial hotspots it serves. There are many competitor for Garuda in domestic flights, but the largest amongst its competitor is Lion Air. Lion Air is privately-owned as well as operating 226 daily flight from Jakarta to 42 domestic destinations. Lion Air also has flights to Indonesia from Malaysia, Singapore, Vietnam and Saudi Arabia.

If Garuda, Citilink or Lion Air aren’t available there are also a number of smaller airlines which may be worth considering including Air Asia, Batik Air, and Sriwijaya Air. Jakarta will undoubtedly remain the country’s dominant hub airport and the choice of airlines to reach the more exotic islands will also expand.

Compare Airfares

A common problem to the travelers  is where to find Cheap Airline Flights to destinations you have chosen. To solve the problem, you can book flights with the help of the internet and the whole process will seem easy. Cheap Airline Tickets are available and you only need to do a little research on the internet to find them. You will be surprised to know that there are certain web portal that will help you find and compare the cheapest flight from say position A to position B.

You only need to provide certain important information such as: – place of your origin and destination, time and date of travel, the number of individual trips and details about your trip. Cheap airline tickets very often accessed, you only need to look at the right place.

There are some who argue that why do we even need to book a flight online because they believe travel agents to make their reservations. This is not at all a wise verdict to trust the travel agents do all the reservation because sometimes they charge us with a big enough fees.

Not every flight is filled to the brim and to cover the empty seats, airlines do submit Cheap Last Minute Tickets intended to fill the vacant seat. To Find and compare the cheapest flight you need to find relevant web portal that can meet your unique needs and requirements. This prospect holds a big advantage for individuals who travel frequently.

How to Get Cheap Air Tickets ?

If you make a traveling by air, you must be understand that is can be an expensive one. Luckily, there are now various different ways to save money on air tickets, and smart travelers will take this advantage to reduce the cost of their trips. Here is some tips to get a cheap air tickets.

* Use Internet – An internet search will help you to find the best tickets deals that save your money and also your time. Internet search also can be used for comparison the ticket price from different airlines and travel options.

* Flexible Travel Times and Dates – The flexible dates and times for traveling will give you more time to find and to compare the more air ticket options. More ticket options you have to consider – the more opportunity you have to find a cheaper air ticket.

* Flexible Choice of Airline – Perhaps you have a favorite airline. But it is better if you are flexible about which airline you fly, because it could save your money. Flying with an lesser-known airline could also be an alternative to choose. Use the Internet to compare prices of different airlines.

* Flexible Choice of Airport – Many locations are served by more than one airport. Be sure to consider all the various airports for both your departure and your destination.

In short, a degree of flexibility, as well as the use of Internet price comparisons is your friend. Using these two simple techniques in combination could easily end up saving you money. In these tough economic times, that is certainly something worth having.

With planning, foresight and a little bit of hard work, you can go ahead and have that dream vacation the economical way. Here’s how:

  1. Search the internet, call airline agencies and watch the news to keep yourself up to date on discounts. There are a lot of promotional fares offered by airline companies that are new in the industry.
  2. When you do travel a lot, sign up for frequent flier miles.Ask about student fares or senior citizen discounts.
  3. Keep a flexible travel schedule. Go with the flow. If the promo states that they only give discounts every Tuesdays, then set your departure on Tuesday. Generally, Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Saturdays are the days that have fewer reservations, so it in on these days that tickets are sold cheap. Monday is usually the busiest day of the week.
  4. Do not go ahead and make reservations to the first airline company you see with promotions. Take the time to source out a variety of options. Take the time to find out if the promotion is indeed the cheapest in your area. Ask the clerk about other offers available. When checking through the internet, make sure you check at least five sites before you decide where to buy your tickets.
  5. You can have the option of purchasing tickets trough consolidators. These are people who buy a whole block of tickets and resell them at certain discounts. This helps the airline fill up still available seats. The travel section of the newspaper is the place to check for ticket consolidators.
  6. Try flying on off peak hours schedule. Usually if you take the before seven in the morning flight or the after seven in the evening flight, tickets are at their cheapest. This too, will be a wise decision since it is at these times that airlines are not overcrowded, thus getting more space for yourself and your luggage.
  7. Be sure to inquire if the airline offers travel packages. Some airlines do offer packages such as car rental discount or a hotel room discount that comes with the travel ticket.
  8. When you are flying off season, be very sure to ask about certain standby fares.
  9. Have an early booking. Promotions are usually offered when one reserves a ticket three weeks beforehand. Remember that due to over crowding during the holidays, you may not use your frequent flier miles. So book in advance if you plan to travel during the holidays.
  10. Staying with only one airline on your entire trip may too, give you discounts. Airlines offer special rates to round trip tickets or connecting flights.

Have a safe trip and enjoy!

Cheap Flights Comparison Tools

Technology has grown rapidly. A decade ago, if you want to travel abroad, then you have no choice but to book your flights through travel agents. Luckily it has got much easier. If you are looking for cheap flights the task is much simpler.

You only have to open up your laptop or mobile phone app and type in the destination that you would. Within seconds, you are presented with an endless supply of travel websites, which, in actual fact can spoil you for choices.

Select on one of top listings and the sites will present you a flight search box. This is the greatest tool any traveler could wish for. Insert your departure and destination airports and also the dates you wish to travel. Within a minute you can see a complete list of flight comparison sites competing with each other eager to capture your business.

You can bookmark some the websites while you can still search another flight comparison websites and see if or not they can offer you a better deal.

With this easy process, you can make sure that you are really getting the best possible flight deal at the lowest possible price. You can book directly with the airlines without commission fees being referred to the middle man (travel agents).

So the next time you decide to go on holiday and wish book a cheap flight through a travel agent, by all means go ahead and get a quote. But do check the same flight routes and dates on the internet and see the difference in prices. The chances are that your travel agent has also booked you the very same flight from this very website.

Insanely Cheap Flights Tips

When is the right time to buy a plane ticket? Almost all tourists want to know about it. Here are some tips and tricks which will explain the ways to help you to get insanely cheap flights in many places around the world. There are many ways to access cheap plane tickets , by  ordering in a timely manner or even you can use data of the plane ticket reservation system on the internet. Here are tips and trick to get the insanely cheap flights.

Fly at times that no one else wants to, that is the first tips. Choose the flight that take off or land really late at night or really early in the morning. On this time, you might be able to negotiate with the airlines to get insanely cheap flights.

Second tips to get insanely cheap flights,  contact the airlines directly via the hotline. Rather than make a deal price through a travel agent would be better if you negotiate the price directly with the airline. You might be able to get cheaper ticket price from the airlines than from the agency. The best time to call shortly after midnight.

Do you have relatives or acquaintances who work in airlines ? Probably you can ask them for help to get insanely cheap flights. That is the third tips, use someone on inside the airlines.

Fourth tips, use the data about airline ticket prices from most major airlines for free by The information will help to identify the right time to get insanely cheap flights tickets. By studying existing data, it can predict airline ticket prices to come. You will be able to estimate the best time to get which cheap ticket. Moreover, if you frequently use a particular airline, then you will more easily find out how they determine the price of the ticket.

Cheap Last Minute Vacation Deals

That would be great if we can suddenly decide to take a vacation and just be able to take off. In the past, That was a difficult thing to do because of the high prices when booking at the last minute. But now, fortunately there are ways for us to get a great deal on vacations booked on short notice. These are some easy to book cheap vacation at the last minute:

1. Technology helps us. The internet is the technology that will help us when looking for a cheap vacation at last minute. There are many online discount travel sites that offer great deals on vacation packages. We can check availability and prices on various vacation packages. We can often save our money 30% or more if we book through the travel sites. We will also save our time making all of the arrangements and schedules. This is the perfect choice for people who want to get away quickly without having to spend a lot of money.

2. During low season of the vacation, there is a big opportunity for us to save money by booking vacation at the last minutes. We can often save 10% or more traveling during the low season than during the high season for the same vacation package. We only need to know when is the low season for our vacation destination. We can find the information in internet.

3. It may sound odd, we can find cheap vacation at last minute for a destination not long after hurricane. The tourism industry will offer special deals to get people to vacation for boosting their economy. We will have a cheap vacation and help the local economy.

4. Making travel with a group of friends is a great way to save money and of course, have some fun. The travel agent usually give a discount packages for groups.

5. Look for special promotions and last minutes travel specials. Signing up for travel deal alerts will help us up-to-date on new specials. Sometimes, these specials are only for two days or even just one day. Do not forget check for special coupon codes.

6. We can also save money by flying at the cheapest time. The cheapest time to fly is usually during midweeks. That is a good time to start our vacation. As well, during the shoulder season of traveling is also the cheapest time to fly.

When you do your travel research, there is no reason why you cannot get a great vacation package deal at the last minute at an affordable price.

How Travel Companies Are Keeping With The Times

The travel and holiday industry is one of the fastest moving of all sectors. It needs to be really due to the massive revenue that the industry generates and the aggressive competition that results. A lot of companies are quickly finding that their practices are outdated and their potentially customers are going else ware because they are being reached quicker and other companies have more efficient methods of letting their customers know what is going on during every step of their booking. Below we examine 3 of the latest communication methods that more travel companies are choosing to utilise.

E-mail. Although email is not the most modern technologies, it is still evolving all the time and companies are increasingly finding new uses for it. Those companies who have embraced this technology, like Indonesian Cruises, are using it to attract customers via newsletters etc, arrange travel bookings, deal with customer enquiries instantly, provide up to date information to customers on their booking and send out billing info to name a few.

Online booking. Even more companies are realising the potential of moving their booking systems online rather than forcing people to ring up or email they holiday requests. People tend to want things quicker, cheaper and simpler these days and the newest online systems are giving the people what they want. Obviously this is used alongside other communication methods but companies who do not adopt this, especially in the luxury cruises sector, will soon struggle.

Social media. Everyone is talking about social media and how great sites like Facebook and Digg are at the moment, although lots of people have also been quick to criticise their usefulness. However, companies that are at the top of their game or willing to keep an open mind, like Bali Cruises, are reaping the rewards by communicating with potential customers on their own level and in an informal setting. Something that has got the travel industry excited at the moment is Twitter, which is a platform that allows companies to communicate with a wide spectrum of people and keep them up to date with developments and offers.

Travel Insurance Indonesia

Travel Insurance Indonesia .. something that sometimes we do not notice, even when we have it, we did not think much about it. But when something unpleasant happens, then it will  get special attention from us. Not fair, huh?

Well, not really .. That’s a function of the Travel Insurance Indonesia. Like other insurance, the functions of this insurance is to assist and to minimize losses that may occur when the calamities that befall us during the travel.

No one knows what will happen in the future. For example, no one wants to be sick or have an accident during his holiday. But if this happens, at least Travel Insurance Indonesia can help saves cost of treatment required. More, Indonesia Travel Insurance also protects you, if there is something to cancel your trip.

Here are some benefits that can usually be obtained if you have Travel Insurance Indonesia:

  • Travel Insurance Indonesia covers trip cancellation
    Reimburse when your vacation is cancelled because you get illness or others calamity listed in the policy. Even, if the tour operator goes out of the business.
  • Travel Insurance Indonesia covers the luggage
    Protect your luggage from less, theft and damage during the trip.
  • Travel Insurance Indonesia covers emergency medical assistance
    Provide insurance and medical assistance for travellers.
  • Travel Insurance Indonesia cover accidental death
    Provides a variety of coverage if you or a family member die on the trip.
  • Travel Insurance Indonesia covers civil liability coverage
    Provide covers if you accidentally hurt someone or damage private property.
  • Travel Insurance Indonesia provides an emergency hotline – 24/7/365
    You never know when you’ll need it, but you do know that someone to be there if an  arises.

There is a proverb : ready the umbrella before it rains
So, better be wise to have Travel Insurance Indonesia to protect the comfort of your tour and vacation.

Why Travel Insurance Is Important

No one can tell what will happen later, so be prepared always for the worst conditions.

Traveling was a very fun and especially for the children, it is very much anticipated. On the evening before departure, they  would imagine all the fun things that may happen during the trip. And the essential is your tour will be fun and happy because you do it with your beloved family.

However, it is not intended to destroy fun and happiness of your trip, but still you have to prepare yourselves against an undesirable situation that may occur. Because like two sides of the coin, the pleasure and trouble walking side by side. And for all that you need travel insurance.

It is surprising that there are still people who think that travel insurance is only an option and this just shows that they do not realize the risks that they may face. It is folly if you ignore the protection of savings and investment that you have been working for your trip. Moreover, when there is a suitable and cheap deals travel insurance.

No one expects in trouble. Even someone who has a travel insurance does not hope to claim the insurance. For them, travel insurance they have is the same as other insurance such as for houses, cars, health, that for the protection efforts and to minimize losses that may occur.

Today many travel insurance available at an affordable price and can be tailored to user needs. Also, this travel insurance, now,  can also be purchased and activated within a relatively short time.

Some aspects that are usually covered by travel insurance are as follows:

– Overseas medical / hospital expenses
– Overseas emergency medical assistance
– Luggage / Personal Effects
– Accidental Death
– Permanent Disability
– Delayed Luggage Allowance
– Personal Liability
– Cash
– Cancellation Fees and Lost Deposits
– Alternative Transport Expenses
– Additional Expenses
– Hijacking
– Loss of Injury
– Travel Services Provider Insolvency

Regarding the huge amount of coverage and premiums, depending on the package of travel insurancce you select as needed and the funds you have. The travel Insurance also depend on the destination of your vacation such as travel insurance Indonesia.

If you still question whether travel insurance is important, it is advisable that you ask yourself, whether you want your vacation with fun and happy without being overly burdened by the possibility of risk. The answer lies in your own.

Travel Insurance Tips

Do you plan to travel to exotic places? Did you prepare your travel insurance? If not, prepare your travel insurance as soon as possible. Here are some of travel insurance tips.

Buy immediately, this the first travel insurance tips. Do not postpone the purchase of travel insurance if you have already bought the travel tickets. Only the travel insurance who will cover the costs if you cancel the trip. This travel insurance tips are also applicable to all types of insurance. Protect yourself because no one knows what will happen later.

Second travel insurance tips, do not be a panic purchase. The impact of delaying the purchase was a panic purchase, especially if it is near the time of departure. Especially do not buy your travel insurance in the airport. Of course the price will be expensive because of in the airport you have no choice, protected or at risk. This travel insurance tips, are also useful for the purchase other insurance.

Third travel insurance tips, buy direct to the insurance company. By coming directly to the insurance company, you can ask for a cheaper price and avoid paying brokerage commissions. For other insurance, this travel insurance tips are also useful.

Online research is the fourth travel insurance tips. Use the Internet for your research and find the very best deal for your travel insurance. In fact, for the deal, you are better to come to the insurance company, so you can custom your travel insurance and ask them for the cheaper price. This travel insurance tips are also useful for purchasing other insurance.

Always be careful, that is the last travel insurance tips. Please pay attention for this travel insurance tips. The most important thing before buying  anything is examined it carefully. So, please read everything on your travel insurance policy carefully. Know what’s covered by travel insurance. Also included are the small print in insurance policies. This travel insurance tips are also useful for the purchase of other insurance.

Tourist Health Insurance for Backpackers

Are you planning a vacation abroad? Surely you’ve prepared the baggage, travel documents and your finances. But if you are already preparing for the protection of your trip? Well, you should prepare for such protection even if you are just a backpackers.

Tourist Health Insurance for Backpackers will protect you from potential bad things that can happen. And please do not argue that it’s impossible to happen to you because who knows tomorrow. Comprehensive travel insurance that will protect you from many aspects, ranging from baggage delay, up to, sorry, repatriation of the bodies. Nevertheless, Tourist Health Insurance for Backpackers also provides protection and other benefits for you.

Insurance companies understand all that death and unexpected illness can disrupt your trip. Therefore, they provide Tourist Health Insurance for backpackers that can be used in their provider networks with lower costs. Tourist Health Insurance for Backpackers cover of doctors’ fees, prescription drugs and up to the cost of hospital care and evacuation if necessary. But the coverage of Tourist Health Insurance for Backpackers limited to a ceiling according to the package you buy.

Tourist Health Insurance for Backpackers also puts the protection against the consequences of terrorist attacks. This becomes important because most countries became very dense during the holiday season and this makes it vulnerable to terrorist attacks. In a country that suffered these attacks even Tourist Health Insurance for Backpackers offers protection against terrorist acts without additional premiums.

Natural disasters also includes covered by the Tourist Health Insurance for Backpackers. The beach resort has the possibility of a tsunami. And therefore, buy the Tourist Health Insurance for Backpackers is a wise move. Especially for the adventurous, this should be a concern because they have saddled 10% additional premium to cover hazards that may occur.

Often people buy a package with a minimum fee for Tourist Health Insurance for backpackers with a minimum of facilities and benefits as well. When something happened and then hoping to get the maximum protection of facilities that do not exist in the package Tourist Health Insurance for Backpackers. And finally, problems and regrets that must be faced. Therefore, once again, please consider wisely, all the possibilities and of course costs to be incurred if something bad happens.

With a little extra cost to buy the Tourist Health Insurance for Backpackers, then surely your vacation will be more comfortable without too much fear of risk that might occur. Choose a reliable insurance company that has a package of Tourist Health Insurance for Backpackers as you want and fit your budget. You can look it up online on the internet, you can even buy a Tourist Health Insurance for Backpackers online.

Travel insurance for couples

My niece is an insurance seller. She just married and are planning to go for honeymoon with her husband. Therefore, they buy travel insurance for couples that will cover their honeymoon trip. I fad asked her about travel insurance for couples and then realized that I had turned on a tape recorder of travel insurance for couples. At length she explained, but the point like this.

Generally, travel insurance for couples is no different from other travel insurance. Travel insurance for couples also covers as follows:

  • Medical Coverage –  travel insurance for couples cover the fees of doctor and medicine, even the hospital if you get sick during vacation
  • Emergency Evacuation – travel insurance for couples will help you to get out quickly from unsecured areas or natural disasters areas
  • Last-Minute Cancellation – you get reimburse for the trip that you have to cancel for whatever reason if you are covered by travel insurance for couples
  • Legal Assistance – travel insurance for couples  will provide a lawyer at any point while on your honeymoon, especially important if you’re traveling out of the country
  • Item Replacement – if you have travel insurance for couples , then you can get replacement if you are losing your important travel documents, money, or belongings
  • Accidental Death – travel insurance for couples provides coverage if you or a your couples die on the trip, including repatriation of the bodies

She said also to check and read the travel insurance for couples policy carefully. Whether the policy covers when you and your couples travelling separately. Or perhaps you have something to be covered by your travel insurance for couple policy, then you can discuss it with the insurance company. Generally, the insurance company like to discuss a custom travel insurance for couple along it was not incompatible with the rules.

The advantage of making travel insurance for couples is a quick and easy because of travel insurance for couples is one joint policy that covers two people. And the amount of coverage will be the same for both of you. And most importantly according to her is a pretty big premium discount if she bought travel insurance for couples than if she bought 2 single policies with the same amount of coverage.

“That’s good”, she said. “It could be to buy a gift for you, Uncle.” Hmm, that’s what I want to hear ..

Best Travel Package Deals

Having vacation from time to time is great, moreover it is needed to recharge and refresh somebody life. But, sometimes in uncertain economic times, it is astute to look for the best travel packages deals that can make the vacation achievable.

The important things to get the best travel package deals is to know the knowledge before seeking the deal. First, you should find your intended destination whether it is in peak or off-peak seasons. The season when you have your vacation will determine the money that you have to pay out. The best time to have the best travel package deal is, of course, in off-peak season. But, if you have time for vacation only during the peak times, so let us find another strategies to have the best travel package deals.

The type of place where you are staying largely determine your spending. There is an advice for the traveler that during the trip, the hotel is only a place to lie your head down and the rest your time is for enjoying your trip outside the hotel. Based on this advice, it is better for you to have a simple nice room in a medium hotel. And if you like you can get a hotel that are a little bit out of the way. That may have a better chance at good deal for you. Just be sure, there are enough transportation to get from and to your hotel. Do not forget to ask more information from the hotel, if they offer travel package deals.

In addition, the travel agents usually offer the travel package deals that involve the hotels, and sometimes offer a bundled package that includes airflight ticket at reduced rate.

You can use the the internet to help you finding the best travel package deals. You can collect the information from there. And after you compare all the information and choose the best one, you can call the travel agencies for further information.

Take your time and do it right, and you will have no problem locating optimum travel package deals.  But remember that a vacation is to make you happy not to make you dizzy with the expenditure and be stingy.

Travel Agents Online

The nature of purchasing travel ticket and making travel arrangements has much changed over the years. There are many progress in the world of travel agents online industry that has led the tourists to by-pass travel agents completely. Tourists find the travel agents online on the internet to buy tickets with lower prices. Frequently tourists will go directly to the airline to purchase the tickets without going through travel agents and travel agents online at all. But in the fact, there is no doubt that travel agents online convert more online visitors to customers by creating a better online experience than an airline website.

Travel agents online have evolved and become much more efficient and user-friendly when making travel arrangements. If you need travel agents online, find the online travel agents that allow you to choose your own routes. A good  travel agents online will allow you to make your own choices and then they will satisfy all your needs. Choose travel agents online which will find and negotiate a better rate for your travel and make sure that you will receive the most affordable travel arrangements without sacrificing quality.

There are many benefits using travel agents online, besides affordability, such as the ease and speed of service. By searching online travel agents on the internet, customers can get a number of travel agents online very quickly. This will ensure that customers have the opportunity to get the best price. Booking your travel with online travel agents not only provide a competitive quote, but you do not have to leave your home or office. You can do it at all from where ever you are.

You will find the same service with conventional travel agent when you surf an travel agents online. Travel agents online will provide the information about the location and travel option for the customers and the customers have to peruse the travel agents online website. They can contact the online travel agents if there something does not clear. Travel agent online can also take an opportunity by selling more products like travel insurance, car rental and accommodation.

So, why don’t you arrange your own travel online or your corporate travel and get cheaper fares ??

Holiday with Indonesian Attractions

Indonesia is a land of mountains, volcanoes, dense forests, attractive beaches, spectacular natural beauty, which draws the attention of various tourists throughout the year. With its glorious temples, huge mosques, museums Indonesia is a house of several magnificent Indonesia Tourist Attractions.

Attractions in Indonesia

Ngarai Sianok, West Sumatra
Ngarai Sianok, West Sumatra (Source :


This is the house of the volcanic mountain range, hot springs, unexplored jungle and extensive plantations. Kerinci Seblat, Way Kambas, Mt. Leuser, Bukit Duabelas are some of the amazing Reserve forests. The popular Indonesia Tourist Attractions situated in Sumatra are, Berastagi, Lake Toba and Samosir Island, Ngarai Sianok, Lake Maninjau, Lake Singkarak, Lake Kerinci, Mt. Kerinci, Mt. Sibayak, Istana Pagaruyung (Pagaruyung Palace) and the most attractive beaches on the east coast.

Mount Bromo, East Java
Mount Bromo, East Java (Source :


The world’s most populous island, and one of the most densely populated regions in the world, with a population of 136 million. Jakarta, the capital city of Indonesia, is in West Java. Java is known as place of much of Indonesian history. Java is famous for its many archaeological and cultural heritage such as Borobudur, Prambanan Temple, the Royal Palaces. In addition, Java is also known for the famous cultural arts such as batik and angklung. Nature on the island of Java is a tropical rain forest featuring the charm of beauty.

Sekerat Beach, East Kalimantan
Sekerat Beach, East Kalimantan (Source :


The third biggest island in the world is divided in three country Indonesia, Malaysia and Brunei. Formerly name of this island was Borneo. Kalimantan is famous as Thousands River Island. There are so many big river in Kalimantan. The original inhabitants are ethnic Dayak. Kalimantan is also famous for its tropical rain forest which is the habitat for orangutans.

Bantimurung Waterfall
Bantimurung Waterfall (Source :


Formerly name of this island was Celebes, a land of mountain range, misty valleys and lakes, geysers and hot springs. Karumenga hot springs, Tambo geyser. Lindu Lake, Linouw Lake, Mt. Lompo Batang, Mt. Lokon are a few of the wealth of Sulawesi Island. In the south is Bantimurung National Park which has thousands of exotic butterflies. Torajaland is famous for its culture and is called as the ‘Land of the Heavenly Kings’ and its people are noted for their richly ornamented houses and custom of burying the dead in vertical Cliffside tombs. Bunaken, one of the best scuba diving and snorkeling in the world is situated in north of Sulawesi, near Manado.

Uluwatu, Bali
Uluwatu, Bali (Source :


With its  white sandy beaches, verdant jungle and mountain, arts and culture, Bali is famous as the tropical paradise. The landscape of Bali is made up of mountains, lakes and rivers, beautiful terraced ricefields, giant banyans and coconut tree on the coast, white sandy beaches. Bali is famous for its art crafts and challenging adventurous activities, which are organized on the southern beaches. The island lies between Java island in the west and Lombok Island in the east. The tourist areas are mostly focused in the south, around Sanur Beach, Kuta, Legian, Seminyak, Tanjung Benoa and Nusa Dua. The island is also famous for its thousands of temples – the exact number has never been counted, but a record say that over than 12,500 temples – ranging from the great Holy Temple at Besakih to small village places of worship. Bali island is also known as Island of Gods.

Komodo Island, Nusa Tenggara
Komodo Island, Nusa Tenggara (Source :

Nusa Tenggara Archipelago

Nusa Penida was at one time a penal colony but now attracts visitors to its dramatic seascapes and beaches. Komodo is home to the world’s largest and rarest species of monitor lizard, while Sumba is noted for its beautiful Ikat cloth. Mount Kelimutu is one of Indonesia’s most spectacular natural sights, famous for its three crater lakes, whose striking colors change with the light of the day. little since the Bronze Age, yet the islands’ inhabitants are renowned as musicians and palm weavers. The Trawangan Islands is a small group with beautiful beaches and coral gardens. Lucipara has excellent waters for snorkeling. Bone Rate, Kangean, Tenggaya and Tukang Besi is a group of isolated islands in the Flores and Banda seas, epitomizing a tropical paradise.

Bandaneira, Maluku Islands
Bandaneira, Maluku (Source :

Maluku Archipelago

Also known as the Moluccan Archipelago, it is made up of 1000 islands, many uninhabited and the rest so isolated from each other and from the outside world that each has its own culture and very often its own language. Halmahera is the largest island in the Moluccan group and one of the most diverse. Banda, in the middle of the Banda Sea, is often referred to as the original ‘Spice Island’ and is famous as a nutmeg-growing center. At present, the islands are popular for diving and snorkeling.

Biak Beach, Papua
Biak Beach, Papua (Source :


Formerly Irian Jaya. Papua has a tropical rain forest is very dense. It could be argued that forests in Papua is still very virgin. There are high mountains covered in ice peak like Puncak Jaya Wijaya and Cartenz Pyramid.


In general, village-trekking is most popular in Sulawesi (Tana toraja, Mamasa, Lore Lindu) and Papua (around the Baliem Valley). In these places you can hire guides if you need them. In Java, Bali and Lombok most popular hikes are up volcanoes rather than through villages. In Sumatra they are mostly through jungle, except on Siberut where local settlements are the attraction.

Elsewhere, hiking would be more of a DIY affair. Enjoy!






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