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Bogor Botanical Garden (Source : kotabogor.go.id)

Located at the heart of Bogor, it is world class botanical gardens, covering an area of around 85 hectares. Officially opened by the Dutch in 1817, it was from these gardens that early researchers developed various crops such as tea, cassava, tobacco and cinchona. The park is still a major center for botanical research in Indonesia. More than 15,000 plant species grow in this garden, including 400 kind of palm and more than 5,000 kinds of orchid varieties from various regions in Indonesia. Many of the trees are centuries old. In the northwest corner of the gardens you can view the Presidential Summer Place that formerly was the official residence of the Dutch governors-general from 1870 to 1942.


Puncak (Source : tripadvisor.com)

From Bogor, drive across this beautiful 1400-meter high pass, winding mountain road that passes through small resort towns and tea plantations you will arrive to Puncak that meaning ‘summit’. At this high altitude, it’s cool and often misty. Tea pickers with their colorful costumes and big broad hats are good objects for photo lovers. It is popular escape from the heart and crowds of Jakarta. Lunch will be served at the local restaurant.


Indonesian Safari Park Cisarua, Bogor
Indonesian Safari Park Cisarua, Bogor (Source : tribunnews.com)

The Taman Safari Indonesia or Indonesia Safari Park is a drive through game park created for animals in an environment as close as possible to their natural habitat. Watching various kinds of animals from all continents roaming nearby your tour bus is a very interesting experience that can not be found in other zoos. Adjacent to the park is Baby Zoo which will offer another interest where you could hold friendly lion cubs, shake hands with orangutans and see a very unique white tiger.

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