Handicrafts From Bali

It’s no secret that in addition to its beach, Bali is also famous for its art crafts. Handicrafts from Bali is truly beautiful and unique. The quality of handicraft products are really good because it was made by the experts. Their expertise is a skill handed down from generation to generation by their ancestors. No wonder that the Balinese arts are part of everyday life.

Batubulan Village, Bali
Batubulan Village, Bali (Source : ydcbalitour.com)

Various kinds of handicrafts from Bali, such as fabric, weaving, batik, songket, paintings, carvings, sculptures, pottery, jewelry and others. Almost all of these crafts traditionally done, although some are using the aid of modern equipment. But it is certain that all crafts are handmade workmanship evident from the details of which are very complicated, but neat and smooth.

Here are some places that are famous for their crafts :

Belega Village

Belega Village is located in the district Blahbatuh and famous for bamboo crafts. The famous bamboo from Belega village is Bamboo Tutul. Starting from a sense of affection to the bamboo that is used only as firewood, and then arose the idea to make it more valuable handicrafts. The product variety, such as woven bags, lamps, shelves and kitchen set. Even a tiny bamboo houses. Some have already been exported abroad. Highly recommended to choose bamboo handicrafts from Belega Village for souvenirs because they are made by experts who are creative and experienced.

Bona Village

Bona village which is famous Kecak dance, is located in the district Blahbatuh. Kecak dance from Bona village is one of the oldest traditions in Bali. In addition, Bona village is also famous for its handicrafts palm leaves. A variety of goods offered from palm leaves, such as bags, hats, slippers. Even buyers can order goods in accordance with their wishes with cheap price. Bona village is also known for weaving craft. Woven crafts are offered there are several types. Buyers can also order their own woven crafts with motifs and colors as their tastes.

Sebatu Village

Sebatu village is famous for its wooden carving craft. Located in the district Tegallalang and a route from Denpasar to Kintamani, making it pretty crowded place visited by tourists who are interested in Bali carving sculpture. The price offered is affordable and many traders from other areas in Bali buy the statue from Sebatu for resale in their place. Sebatu village also manufactures equipment for Balinese Hindus pray.

Celuk Village

Celuk Village is located in the District of Sukawati, with a very strategic location of the village about 10 kilometers northeast of Denpasar. Celuk village is famous for its gold and silver crafts. The handicrafts of gold and silver produced in the village Celuk have high-grade quality and can be produced in large quantities. Almost all the families and residents in the village Celuk have the skills and arts in developing creative designs and variations associated with gold and silver craft in which their products have entered the local market, national and international.

Celuk Village, Bali
Celuk Village, Bali (Source : wisatabali.info)

Various types of jewelry creations and variations, both as souvenirs and export commodities produced in this village like rings, bracelets, necklaces, earrings, studs, bross and various other types of jewelry. As a tourism village, Celuk can be visited every day for a close look at the artists who are creative makes gold and silver jewelry of high quality. Here we can also buy direct jewelry on display in the window directly at the workshop of the artists.

Gelgel Village

Located in Klungkung regency, Gelgel village is one of civilization in Bali and the famous kingdom of Klungkung. Gelgel village is famous as a center of weaving and songket handicraft. There, we can see the process of making woven and songket and we can choose a colorful fabric that is made by craftsmen. There are also produced songket using gold thread.

Batubulan Village

Located 10 kilometers from Denpasar and 17 kilometers from Gianyar. Batubulan village is very famous for its Barong Dance which will be staged at 9.30 every morning. Ticket prices for this show is Rp 130.000. Batubulan village is also famous for its stone sculpture craft. Many forms of sculpture are offered, such as Ganesh, Buddhist or other. Many small stone statue that can be used as table decorations. This figurine will eliminate the impression of weight of the stone material.

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