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Just a short ferry ride away from Singapore, the island of Batam in Riau Archipelago province is not just bustling with industry and business activities, but it is also filled with many wonderful spots offering all sorts of fun and leisure activities for the entire family. One of the best places to take the family on a full day fun packed adventure in Batam is Golden City Bengkong, situated in Bengkong area, not too far from Batam city center.

Golden City Bengkong is a recreational complex integrated with the popular Golden Prawn Restaurant and the 4 starred Golden View Hotel. The place offers a wide range of activities for all members of the family ranging from Flying Fox, ATV Arena, Go Kart, Paint Ball, Various Water sports, and more.

One of the most special features of Golden City Bengkong is the Miniature Park. A small version of the Taman Mini Indonesia Indah (Beautiful Indonesia in Miniature Park) in Jakarta, the park presents replicas of various traditional houses from across the Indonesian Archipelago such as the Bolon house of North Sumatra, Toraja’s Tongkonan house of South Sulawesi, and many others in miniature version. Resembling the Madurodam Park in the Netherlands, the miniature Park offers a glimpse of Indonesia’s wealth of traditional architecture for visitors.

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The Go-Kart Arena of Golden City Bengkong is a popular attraction in Batam. This is the perfect place for those who wish to test their racing skills or just have fun competing with friends. The Go-Kart Arena applies all safety measures and is supervised by professional staff  to ensure that both  those  riding the Go-Kart and spectators are  safe.

For those who wish to engage in a combat simulation, the paintball arena surely provides the perfect setting for an all out shooting frenzy. Meanwhile, the Flying Fox arena offers one of a kind sensation of flying in the air as you glide fast with the sling rope.

Not only on land, the fun also takes place at sea with all sorts of water sports provided at the Monkey Beach Hut Sea Sports Center. Here visitors can enjoy Parasailing, Jet Ski, Banana Boat, kayaking, canoeing, Wakeboarding, Waterskiing, and Speed Boat Riding. There is also a large traditional Chinese Ship called the Golden Cheng Ho which is also available for hire.


The Golden Prawn Restaurant is regarded by many as the best sea food restaurant on Batam island. Overlooking the north eastern coast of Batam, the restaurant can accommodate nearly 4000 guests. There are actually two adjacent Golden Prawn restaurants here, which are the Golden Prawn 555 and Golden Prawn 933.

There are hundreds of top dishes with an array of choices such as: Steamed Fish, Steamed  Prawn, Black Pepper Crab, Deep Fried Cuttle Fish, Hot Plate Tou Fu, Fried Flower Crab with Chilli, Fried Kangkung, Seafood Soup, Steamed Black Grouper, Chilly Cuttle Fish, Deep Fried Chicken, Fried Baby Kaylan, Fish Mod Soup, and so much more.

The Golden View Hotel is actually the center of the entire complex. The hotel is strategically situated at Bengkong Laut, near Batam Centre Ferry Terminal which serves ferries from Singapore as well as Malaysia. With an atmosphere that is casual, yet elegant, the Hotel offers a wide choice of accommodation. All Family Rooms and Suites feature Jacuzzi bath tubs and State-of-the-Art Telecommunication facilities and internet connection.


Golden City Bengkong is located in Bengkong Laut Area, approximately 25 minutes from Batam Center. Situated near  the heart of Batam City, you will have no problem finding the place by taxi or other transport services provided by your hotel.

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