Getting To Anyer, Banten

Anyer is located around 3 hours West of Jakarta and has become a popular weekend getaway among the busy workers of Jakarta.

The only real landmark of any interest is the lighthouse that was built by Queen Wilhelmina of Holland in 1885. It was built in remembrance of those people who tragically lost their lives from the massive eruption of Krakatau and the resulting tsunami. It is possible to gain access to the lighthouse however you need to find the caretaker to allow you access. This in itself can be an adventure! If you do manage to gain access the views from the top are quite spectacular with lush forest to your east and the child of Krakatau to your west.

Anyer beach, Banten
Anyer beach, Banten (Source :

Krakatau is really the only reason travellers head out this far west in Java as its here (and also Carita) further south where you can arrange transportation to the volcano. Some travellers have found themselves here while waiting for a ferry from the port of Merak further north. The ferries in Merak connect mainland Java to Sumatra.

The child of Krakatau, Banten
The child of Krakatau, Banten (Source :

Accommodation is plentiful all along this coast yet a lot of it has become somewhat rundown and in need of a good refurbishment. There are resorts that claim to offer 5 star luxuries however if you are in need of an overnight check out the scattering of bungalows that line the beach.

Travel to Anyer beach
Travel to Anyer beach (Source :

The beach is not something you would imagine of Indonesia and in places is thronged with hundreds of weekenders escaping the hustle and bustle of Jakarta. If crowds are not your thing, then it is recommended that you head further south to the tranquil climes of Ujung Kulon.

Ujung Kulon National Park, Banten
Ujung Kulon National Park, Banten (Source :

Getting to Anyer is relatively easy. There are numerous buses leaving Jakarta regularly from Kalideres bus station, just take the bus destined for Labuan. Please be aware that on weekends the roads become very congested out to the west and a 3 hour journey could quite easily turn into 6 hours.

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