Get On Your Bike, Enjoy Jakarta

10 years ago there was a small and enthusiastic group of cyclists in Jakarta. Today, cycling has become a new addiction for an ever-growing number of people in this sprawling metropolis.

With weekend car free day streets adding fuel to the number of people hitting the streets the question remains where can you jump on your bike and push those peddles.

Milagro, Jakarta bike community
Milagro, Jakarta bike community (Source :

1. Ragunan Zoo

Over 140 hectares of land can be explored and bikes are more than welcome, as a matter of fact if you turn up out of the blue and need a bike you can rent them for Rp 20,000 per hour. This area provides an interesting ride for you and your kids, it is safe and provides easy cycling with plenty of shade to hide from the midday sun. All in all this is a wonderful way to mix a family day, cycle and an opportunity to see the wonderful new Primate enclosure.

2. Ancol

Heading north from Indonesia’s national monument, Monas, keep peddling north east past Istiqlal Mosque and the Old Cathedral and keep going until you are riding alongside the river heading north passing Pasar Baru. This is not a pretty ride in any sense, but it is an interesting one. As you reach the entrance gates to Ancol you will pave to pay admission for yourself and bike. Then you are free to roam around at your leisure leaving the hectic noise and traffic behind you. It is recommended to head out to the end of the harbour where you will find a little cafe that has serves good coffee and has 24 hour Karaoke system for the amusement of other patrons. This is an enjoyable cycle for a Saturday or Sunday morning to allow you a quick escape without going too far.

3. Sunda Kelapa

This is where spices from all over the nation once came to port and sent out again for destinations all over the world. Today, it still happens but on a much less frequent scale. Again this is not a beautiful ride by an stretch of the imagination but it is certainly an adventure. As you take winding roads that get increasingly busier and more active you realize that you are getting close. Then the smell lets you know that you are really getting close. Once you arrive you can see all the old ships in dry dock having repairs done. As in most things the journey is the real adventure not the destination. So take the challenge of a somewhat adventure some city ride Jakarta style.

4. Cihuni, Tangerang

Need a challenge! Slightly over 24 km of mountain biking adventure. This is a purpose built track that offers climbs and dips that will challenge your nerve and leg muscles. Try to go there early in the morning to avoid the heat and please make sure you bring a cycling helmet. There is great chat from the regulars who are always willing to share stories and point you in the right direction. If there has been rain, it will be muddy and the difficulty is tenfold.

5. Jalur Gas Pipe, Tangerang

Famous among cycling communities for over 15 years now the gas pipe is challenging and a great way to get out of the city in style. During the dry season it is a good ride of only about 7 km offer the opportunity to keep on going if your legs feel like they don’t to stop. Yet when the rains come that 7 km is a wet and wild fun park that offers you a lot of thrills and hopefully no spills.

6. Bogor and Beyond

Bogor is the highland area to the south of Jakarta, sitting around 1,300 meters above sea level. What does this all mean to the real mountain biker; it means hard riding up hill and big speeds going down the other sides. Salak Mountain is a favourite destination for many as it is well ridden and provides a fantastic sense of achievement; you will travel through pine forests, tea plantations and wide-open fields. For those looking to see how you feel when you get your bike out of your car then it is recommended you try Sentul as it offers a wide range of tracks and tarmac to go for a gentle ride or a real work out. Good luck and enjoy your Adventure.

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