Gangan, Belitung’s Special Aromatic Fish Soup Culinary Attraction

One of the island of Belitung’s special culinary attraction is Gangan, a mouth-watering soup dish that is served in many places on the island.

However, this particular restaurant has made it into a fine dining experience, claims its owner, which is achieved through its meticulous presentation. So, although people are forced to wait some 10 minutes before they can enjoy this delicious soup, yet they will return to the place over and again.

So when visiting Belitung, try this special place. The restaurant is called : Ruma Makan Belitong Timpo Duluk – or the Old Style Belitung Restaurant – at Jalan Mas Daud in the town of Tanjung Pandan, capital of the regency of Belitung. The Belitong restaurant is housed in a typical traditional Belitung residence, which lends its special ambience.

If in other eateries the soup is served in a bowl or plate, not so in this restaurant. Here Gangan is served in coconut shells, with only the coconut water replaced by the soup, while the young coconut meat becomes part of the dish.

The Gangan soup is mixed with turmeric sauce, shrimp paste, small hot chillis and cubes of pineapple, giving it that special aromatic sour, hot and spicy taste. While the slices of coconut meat that get scooped up when eating the soup only add to the exotica of the dish.

Gangan, Lempah Kuning
Gangan, Lempah Kuning (Source :

At this resto, Gangan is cooked only at time of ordering, and diners must, therefore, wait at least 10 minutes before they are served, since cooking is made to order. One can ask for the soup to be very chilli hot to mildly hot, for example. There are also many kinds of fish to choose from.

And if fish is not to your liking, you can ask for it to be replaced with meat or chicken, and if you are vegetarian you can also ask for the fish to be replaced with soya bean cakes, either tempeor tahu (tofu).

The Belitong Timpo Duluk also serves other Belitong specialties, among which the Nasi Gemuk or the Nasi Uduk Belitong. Here, rice is wrapped in simpor leaves, a kind of plant found only in Belitong. Its side dish include crispy fried fish and a coconut oil sauce (santan).  The longer the rice is cooked in the simpor leaves the more aromatic it gets.

For dessert the restaurant serves Ice-Cold Cocounut water with cincau, soy bean ice and Belitong orange ice popsicles.

To give that special Belitong aura, the restaurant is decorated with all kinds of traditional utensils for cooking and fishing, including traditional pots and pans, bamboo sieves, traditional food covers and more.

The telephone set by the cashier is said to have been owned by Indonesia’s first president Soekarno, when he was exiled here by the Dutch colonial government. (Source : Kompas/Kris Razianto Mada)


The Ruma Makan Belitong Timpo Duluk is located in the corner of Jalan Mas Daud, a short two minutes by motorbike from the Batu Satam monument in the city of Tanjung Pandan in the direction of Kampung Parit.

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