Galungan Day, The Balinese Thanks Giving Day

Galungan Day is one of the Hinduism biggest ceremony in Bali which is celebrated in every six month according to the Balinese calendar. At the Galungan Day, the Balinese celebrate the victory of the good conquered the bad.

In every villages in Bali, we can easily find line of decorated bamboo pool called “Penjor” which plated and stand beautifully in front of each houses.

Galungan Ceremony
Galungan Ceremony (Source :

In the morning at that day, there are women, men and children all in Balinese traditional dress walk on the street to go to their temple. The women bring offering called “Pajegan” contains of different and colorful fruits, cakes, coconut leaf and flowers which is arranged in a stack about 1 meter high and put on their head. When they arrived in the temple, they will pray together lead by the Hindu’s Priest called “Pemangku”.

Galungan Ceremony
Galungan Ceremony (Source :

After finishing they will go back to their own home and to gather with all members of extended family. The members of family and friends who are Moslem, Buddhist and Christian will pay a visit to their Hindus family and together will enjoy Balinese cookies.

Balinese employee will have holidays today. Most of business offices will close their offices. However, Hotels, Restaurants, Travel Agencies will still operate. They have their customers to serve.

Travelers will be going around to take pictures or travel as normal as the other days. But they will be informed that the Hinduism are celebrating their Thanks Giving Day.

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