Flores, An Island On East Of Bali

Flores island is one of main Lesser Sunda islands or Nusa Tenggara Islands – islands streached on east of Bali

Is Flores attractive? The answer is absolutely YES…
If we have had 7 World Wonders, WTO should soon announces that there are 2 more, one is in Flores and another one in Komodo islands.

Komodo island, Indonesia
Komodo island, Indonesia (Source : youtube.com)

That is Komodo Dragon – Varanus Komodoensis, the giant lizard, 2.50 – 3.00 meters long and 1 meter high.  These animals are easily found in Komodo, Rinca, Padar and Flores on the west part. This is a pre historic animal same age as dinosaurs.

Then another world wonder  is The Three Colored Lakes, Kelimutu. You will not find this at the other part of the world. They are light turquoise, olive green and dark black. These colors ever seen as red, blue and white in  period 1900 – 1970. Once was green, red and brown. YES, it is very beautiful.

Flores Island
Flores Island (Source : florestourism.com)

Flores has many unique and spectacular tourist attractions. They are mountainous, rivers, valleys, traditional villages, cultural dances, hand weaving which has different color and motives in every area. We have at least 10 different types of fabrics.

Flores volcanoes invite travelers to climb or at least to have pictures, its ocean attracts people to dive and snorkel.

The Three Colored Lakes, Kelimutu
The Three Colored Lakes, Kelimutu (Source : reservasi.com)

Is that enough? No, visitors may visit the whole island to experience the different way of life of the locals, some are very similar to the south pacific type of people and some are very similar to the Yunan or Thai people, YES the Miao or Meo people.

Flores is derived from the Portuguese word meaning “flowers”. The story brings us back to 1544. There was a Portuguese boat sailing from Jayakarta or Batavia which is Jakarta today to Moluccas for spices purposes. They had a problem with their boat caused some of the boat-men had to check the bottom of the boat, but they stayed longer then it should be.

Journey to Waerebo village, Flores island
Journey to Waerebo village, Flores island (Source : tripadvisor.com)

Finally, they reported to their Captain that the problem has been fixed but they stayed longer because of the beauty of the sea garden beneath the sea. They have found its colorful sea corals and uncountable colorful fishes. The captain decided to dive and proved it then named that island : Cabo da Flora, late become FLORES. Flowers are not on the island, but under the sea, though we can find a lot of flowers on this island.

Flores island is a remote and mountainous island lying about 800km from Bali to the east. Today, Flores is included in the East Nusa Tenggara Province.

Diving in Flores
Diving in Flores (Source : backpackerlee.wordpress.com)

Flores  is a part of the immense chain that comprises the archipelago of Indonesia. It is a long, narrow and rugged island marked with dramatic volcanoes (12 volcanoes still active) and beautiful mountain lakes (7 lakes) and forests. It has many endemic species of flora such as rattan, bamboo groves, mosses, and many species of high-elevation trees. Near sea level, monsoon forests dominated by thorny bamboo are widespread.

At present, there are 1.5 million people living in Flores which 95% are Rome Catholic, 5% are Moslem and Hindu. Christianity was brought to Flores by Portuguese, who first established bases in Solor, Larantuka and Sikka – Maumere.


Flores is only 1 hour 20 minutes flight by FK-28 from Bali. There are at least 3 cities can be reached by flight from BALI. They are: Maumere on the north of the island, Ende on the south and Labuanbajo on the west.

Denpasar – Maumere vv daily flight operated by Lion Air, while Denpasar-Ende vv,  3 times in a week operated by Lion Air. Denpasar-Labuanbajo vv, daily flight operated Citilink Airlines, Indonesia Air Transport, and Trans Nusa.

Have a nice holiday…

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