Flores Is Definitely A Place For The Adventurer

Flores is one of three main islands in the East Nusa Tenggara region. This province alone consists of over 550 islands but it is Flores, Sumbawa and Sumba that dominate the map.

Flores was named by Portuguese sailors who came across this flowery island in the 1500’s. Until this day the name truly reflects its meaning of “Flower”. Predominantly Catholic there are many examples of the Portuguese influence that span across the island from quaint village churches to Easter processions.

Padar island, Flores
Padar island, Flores (Source : florestourism.com)


Most people arrive on Flores with a view of visiting the Komodo dragon. Labuan Bajo is probably the best place to set up base while exploring the neighboring islands including Komodo and Rinca. From Dragons to blossoming vistas Flores can offer the traveler a variety of options.

Mount Kelimutu
Mount Kelimutu (Source : trekearth.com)

Mount Kelimutu is a popular spot and East Nusa Tenggara‘s most visited natural wonder that rests on top of a mountain and will delight the visitor with its dramatic three colored lakes. The three lakes have changed their colors over the years and the largest is currently light turquoise, the next olive green and the last black. Locals believe that the souls of young people go to the turquoise lake, old people’s souls to the olive and murderers and thieves to the black.

Maumere is a port town on the northern coast of Flores and is a great place to stopover on your way to Ende. Maumere is considered to be the best place in Flores for diving and there are numerous operations in town.

Ende, situated on the southern coast of Flores used to be the home of the once in-exile first Indonesian President Soekarno. His house now has been transformed into a museum and if you have the time, definitely worth a visit.

Flores is definitely a place for the adventurer. Its long winding mountainous roads can sometimes make you believe you are traveling across the Andes with its jagged and rugged peaks. The best way to travel is to hire a car and driver as the roads can sometimes be treacherous especially in the rainy season. Buses serve all the major towns across this island and the journey itself can lead to some great encounters with locals.

However long you plan on staying on Flores you can easily get caught up in the moment of your own personal adventure.

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