Feasting On Flowers, The Natural Farm House Lembang

Usually people view flowers as decoration only. Not many know that flowers can be made into mouthwatering dishes! Natural Farm House, Bandung, West Java, offers this unique dining experience. The farm, consisting of 5,000 square meters land, is managed by Mrs. Wieke Lorenz. She has been tending to the farm since 1993. The farm uses no pesticides. Mrs. Wieke Lorenz and her husband, Christoph Lorenz, ingenuously use other plants as natural insect repellent. For instance, they planted yellow flowers circling their prized plants, so that butterflies will favor the flowers more should they want to lay their eggs. Mr. & Mrs. Lorenz also have several kinds of livestock in their property—such as chickens, goats, ducks, and so on. They use their livestock’s excrements as manure.

Natural Farmer’s House, Lembang
Natural Farmer’s House, Lembang (Source : deekaminari.wordpress.com)

Getting There

You can either rent a car or use public transportation from Bandung to Lembang. The visitors are welcome on Saturdays and Sundays only, with appointments.

Natural Farmer’s House
Langen Sari Rw. 01/138
Bandung, West Java.

Where to Stay

  • You can stay in hotels and inns around Bandung or Lembang.

Moving Around

  • If you want to visit other objects of interest in Lembang, it is advisable to rent a car.

Dining Guide

  • By appointment, you’ll be able to taste the juicy dishes made of flowers and plants. One of Natural Farm House’s specialties is Nasturium Flower Salad. Nasturium flower and lemon sarge flower are added to this meal. Nasturium contains high quantity of vitamin C. Its anti-salmonella and antibiotics qualities turn this flower into German people’s favorite.

Souvenir Tips

  • You can buy fresh lettuce and other vegetables/flowers in this farm.

Other Things to See or Do

  • Walk around this interesting farm to marvel at the lush vegetables and flowers.

Travel Tips

  • Contact this farm first for reservation.
  • Rent a car to visit this place. That way you’ll save time and energy to explore other interesting sites in Lembang.
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