Favourite Bandung Restaurants

One of the big attractions to Bandung is the variety of interesting restaurants, cafes, and coffee houses tucked into the hills around Bandung. Every weekend, Jakartans escape the chaos and congestion of the capital to relax in the quiet Bandung hills.

Here are some of my favorite places.

Dago Atas Area

Cloud 9 Bar & Restaurant
Cloud 9 Bar & Restaurant. (Source : garasikuliner.blogspot.co.id)


Cloud 9 Bar and Restaurant
Cloud 9 Bar and Restaurant. (Source : jakarta100bars.com)

Cloud 9,

A bar / restaurant / night club designed in sort of a ski lodge theme – it’s very cozy sitting by the fireplace on a cool evening in the mountains above Bandung, while enjoying the company of good friends. It’s one of Bandung’s most popular night spots. Various activities are separated by levels – dining, dancing, and bar. The pizza is the best, but all the food is good, and the ambiance is unparalleled.

Kopi Ireng, Dago
Kopi Ireng, Dago. (Source : google.com)


Nice View... Kopi Ireng
Nice View… Kopi Ireng. (Source : google.com)

Kopi Ireng,

Starry Nights….

Think spectacular view, great coffee and Beef Wellington – Kopi Ireng is one of Bandung’s favorite places. They usually offer live entertainment on weekends. This is where I had my first cup of Kopi Luwak Tubruk – the most expensive coffee in the world. It is processed from the intestines of the Musang (weasel). That’s right, the Musang eats the coffee beans, passes them through their digestive system, and then deposits the finished product for us coffee lovers to enjoy. Rp 150,000 per cup.

Boemi Joglo restaurant, Bandung
Boemi Joglo restaurant, Bandung. (Source : myfunfoodiary.com)

Boemi Joglo,

This traditional Javanese style villa doubles as a restaurant and a home. Built on the side of the hill, it allows you to choose from a variety of dining environments, each on a different level. Have a chat with the owner as you enjoy your Nasi Liwet Ayam Jamur (rice with chicken, and mushrooms baked in coconut milk and basil), and Tempe Mendoan (battered, deep fried tempe with a sweet soy sauce dip).

Lisung - Very relaxed atmosphere
Lisung – Very relaxed atmosphere. (Source : google.com)


View from Lisung
View from Lisung. (Source : google.com)

Lisung Restaurant,

Yet another hill side restaurant that offers a great view of Bandung, along with terrific food. Try the Fettuccini Carbonara – it’s the best.

Kopi Selasar
Kopi Selasar. (Source : google.com)

Kopi Selasar,

Part of the Selasar Gallery complex, Kopi Selasar gives fans of the famous Indonesian artist, Sunaryo Selasar, a place to chill out after enjoying his gallery. Coffees, juices, and deserts.

The Valley Bistro Cafe and Resort
The Valley Bistro Cafe and Resort. (Source : google.com)

The Valley,

The Valley is a popular resort with rooms from Rp.500,000. Their Bistro Cafe offers an elegant dining experience at an affordable price, with both Western and Indonesian food, and an extensive wine selection.

Congo Gallery and Cafe
Congo Gallery and Cafe. (Source : google.com)


Congo Cafe
Congo Cafe. (Source : google.com)

Congo Cafe,

Congo Cafe is part of a larger complex that features a furniture gallery offering fine wood furniture made from exotic hard woods.

Coffee, fruit drinks , and snacks combine with the saw mill environment to create a unique hang out place. The menu is mixed Western and Indonesian.

 View from Wa Le - Warung Lela
View from Wa Le – Warung Lela. (Source : google.com)

Warung Lela,

Enjoy a great view from the veranda of this villa while enjoying the best Yamin Manis (noodles with sweet soy sauce) in Bandung.

Roemah Kopi
Roemah Kopi. (Source : wisatabdg.com)

Roemah Kopi,

Fabulous coffee and deserts in a inviting, rustic atmosphere. Sit here all day and take advantage of their free hot spot.

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