Explore The Beautiful Island Of Tidore

Tidore is a must visit for those travellers that find themselves in Ternate. Located just across the sea from Ternate and accessed by speedboat, Tidore can offer the visitor an insight into the once fierce rivalry that stood between the two Islands.

The ancient rivalry dates back to when the Portuguese landed on Ternate in search of cloves, nutmeg and mace. The Sultan of Tidore responded to this by inviting the Spanish to settle on his island. Both sultans then proceeded to engage in battle against each using the wealth generated from the Portuguese and Spaniards. Today, though it’s peaceful here in Tidore and it makes a pleasant trip from Ternate.

The Tidore island, North Maluku
The Tidore island, North Maluku (Source : IG @visit.tidoreisland)

Your best option of accessing Tidore is by boat from Ternate. The journey shouldn’t take any longer than 40 minutes. Just ask in your hotel for someone to arrange transportation for you.

Areas of interest on Tidore range from snorkeling the clear waters of Maitara Island to climbing the extinct volcano of Gunung Kiematubu. For the more historical minded traveller, you should seek out the Magellan Monument.

Maitara Island, Tidore
Maitara Island, Tidore (Source : visitindonesia-paradise.blogspot.co.id)

The island of Maitara can offer some clean white sandy beaches and great snorkeling. The reefs are not the best in the Spice Islands but you may spot some worthy marine life in the form of reef sharks.

Traditional house, Gurabunga village
Traditional house, Gurabunga village (Source : deddyhuang.com)

The more active traveller with a thirst for heights would want to ascend the magnificent peak of Kiematubu. To climb this volcano you need to get yourself to the village of Gurabunga, which is already high in the hills. From here it is strongly advised that you hire the services of a guide as with any ascent of peaks can be dangerous. From the summit of Gurabunga, weather permitting you will be rewarded with some great sights of the outer lying islands.

Mount Kiematubu, North Maluku
Mount Kiematubu, North Maluku (Source : roamindonesia.com)

To give the visitor a sense of historic perspective, Magellan was also once here. His arrival (at a much later date) was commemorated by a small monument, which can be found at the southern end of the village of Rum. The monument is somewhat hidden but the locals will surely direct you to the right place.

The thing to remember when visiting the Spice Islands is that, this area of the world was once so influential that with the wealth it created it also sparked bitter rivalries.

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