Dreamland Beach : The Beautiful Rocky Cliffs

A vast stretch of soft pearly white sand, clear blue sky over the enchanting blue waters, and nothing but the fascinating sounds of waves hitting the shores; no, this is not a set from a dream, this is where nature interprets your dream, this is Dreamland Beach, on the southern coast of Bali Island.

Recently dubbed as the New Kuta Beach – a fresh comparison to the already highly popular Kuta Beach, this little piece of paradise is located within the integrated Pecatu Graha Resort complex, at the Bukit Peninsula in the Badung regency, just about 15 minutes from the picturesque Uluwatu Temple. Although sharing a similar name, Dreamland is far from the crowded and vibrant atmosphere of the original Kuta Beach. Instead, the beach offers tranquility and much more exciting waves perfectly fit for advanced surfers.

The Dreamland beach in Bali
The Dreamland beach in Bali (Source : balihellotravel.com)

The once hidden beauty of this coastline was first introduced to the world when the popular pop / rock Band, Michael Learns to Rock shot their musical video clip: Someday in 1996. The beach is mainly highlighted with the soft pearly white sand shore that stretches some 1 kilometer and is considerably cleaner than most beaches in Bali. As any beach at the Bukit Peninsula area, Dreamland is also decorated with beautiful rocky cliffs on its shore which radiate an enchanting atmosphere. The vast stretching shoreline also makes it a perfect place to bask under the tropical sun or to stroll along the indulging sands, or simply sit down and immerse oneself in the dream-like beauty of nature. As daylight slowly fades, the brilliant colors of sunset over Dremland’s horizon will surely confirm why this beach got its name.

Among surfers, the waves at the coastline of the Bukit Peninsula are undisputedly legendary, and Dreamland Beach is no exception. The beach features a break with longer left and a short right handers, “surfable” at low to dead low tide and works well when there is an average swell above 3ft coming in. However, when the swell is over 7ft, the waves tend to be unpredictable and close out. The soft, fat waves and deep water make it suitable for the professionals or those with some learning experience behind.

Dreamland beach, Bali
Dreamland beach, Bali (Source : balitourismboard.org)

Although it was  once a secluded shore with difficult access roads, today Dreamland forms part of the integrated Pecatu Graha Resort complex. The complex currently evolves into an elite resort where luxury hotels and other facilities are being built, offering world-class amenities and services. Among features already operating in the complex are the New Kuta Golf resort, New Kuta Green Park, and the Klapa New Kuta Beach Exclusive Club Restaurant.


There are several accommodation options you can find within the resort and close by. Here is the list of some of the accommodations around Dreamland Beach:

  • THE DREAMLAND LUXURY VILLAS & SPA, JL. Raya Uluwatu Gang Kahuripan No.69 Br.Bakung Sari Ungasan-Kuta-Bali-Indonesia.
  • MU, Bingin (on the cliff edge at Bingin close to the car park and the southerly steps).
  • Chocky’s Place, At the base of the cliff right on the beach at Bingin.


Located at the Bukit Peninsula area, Dreamland Beach can be reached  from KutaLegian area in about 30-40 minutes. From the capital Denpasar, it is roughly about an hour’s trip (depending on traffic conditions). From Denpasar or Kuta, take the main south road (Jl Bypass Nusa Dua), which is the only route to the south Bukit Peninsula area.

Take this main road south to the junction with Jalan Uluwatu II (the famous McDonald’s junction), turn west towards Jimbaran Bay, continue about 2 km and at the four road junction make a sharp left up the hill (signposted for Uluwatu). Follow the road up to Pecatu Village until the main entrance of the Pecatu Graha Resort comes in sight on the right. Enter the resort and follow the road sign directing to New Kuta Beach.


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