Dieng Plateau Wonosobo, The Beautiful Mountainous Landscape

That should be visited on the Dieng Plateau is a crater formed by volcanic eruptions that surrounds it. Craters are Sikidang Crater, Crater Candradimuka. Dieng Plateau Wonosobo Square is well known as Plateu Dieng is located at an altitude of 21,000 meters above sea level. Temperatures in the ranges 15° C – 10° C, but can reach 5° C in the dry season. This is because the area is surrounded by mountains, like Mount Prahu, Mount Juranggrawah, Mount Pangamun-Amun, Mount Sipandu, and several other mountains.

The name “plateau” is derived from the Sanskrit language, which is in the mountains and hyang meaning of the word meaning Khayangan residence of the gods and goddesses. Thus, the square is considered as the abode of the gods and goddesses. Besides doing natural tourism, tourists who come to this tourist area can also visit the Kailasa historical museum.

The Dieng Plateau, Wonosobo
The Dieng Plateau, Wonosobo (Source : raharasi.id)

Dieng also is a home to some oldest Hindu temples in Indonesia. The temple complex consists of eight temples, that Gatot Kaca, Bima, Dwarawati, Semar, Arjuna, Srikandi, Sembadra, and Puntadewa.

Visitors could travel further to visit the natural attractions are in tourist areas. You can visit Warna Lake and Pengilon Lake, both are located nearby. The first lake is Warna Lake, the color-changing lake with wide assortment of colors reflect. Green color is derived: Run sulfur content in it, red color comes from red anggang is in the bottom of the lake, while the blue color comes from the reflection of sunlight that hit a gradient of the lake.

Warna lake and Pengilon lake
Warna lake and Pengilon lake (Source : enjoydiengtour.com)

Whereas the second lake has other charms, the water is very clear that can reflect shadow. This is caused by the sulfur. In addition, not far from the lakes, you can also find several caves, such as Semar Cave, Jaran Cave, and Well Cave.

Other natural tourism objects that should be visited in the Dieng Plateau are some of the craters formed from the eruption of the surrounding mountains. Craters are craters Sikidang, Crater Candradimuka, and Crater Sileri.


Dieng Plateau tourist areas in three districts, that is Wonosobo, Banjarnegara, and Pekalongan, Central Java Province. The easiest way to access to area attractions Dieng Plateau is via the town of Wonosobo.

For tourists who do not bring private vehicle, traveling can be started from Terminal Wonosobo. The distance that must be implemented is 30 km, the time period of about 45 minutes to 1 hour.


For tourists who do not bring supplies of food or drink, in the vicinity of this tour there are many small restaurants that are ready to meet the needs. While for tourists who want to stay, there are plenty of accommodation options for rent.

In addition, tourists can also buy a special gift this area, such as vegetables or Carica fruit which are on sale in the tourist area.

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