Cisolok Hot Spring Water, Pelabuhan Ratu

Cisolok is located about 15 kilometers westward from Pelabuhan Ratu. Pelabuhan Ratu is about 130 kilometers away from Jakarta. Cisolok’s hot spring water is unique, for it is located near the beach.

When you have reached Cisolok hot spring water area, you’ll then proceed to a bridge, on foot. River with strong currents flow freely underneath this bridge. Then you’ll encounter another river, more beautiful than the first. White cloud surrounds this river. In the center of the river, hot water (about 80° Celcius) gushes out.

The Cisolok Hot Spring Water
The Cisolok Hot Spring Water (Source :

There are three jets of hot water in this river. The water contains no sulphur, for the jets of water are actually geysers—hot water surpassing earth’s layers. Truly an interesting phenomenon.

Getting There

  • Rent a car to go to this spot.

Where to Stay

  • Various lodgings in Pelabuhan Ratu area.

Moving Around

  • You’ll be exploring this place on foot.

Dining Guide

  • Quench your thirst and satisfy your hunger in Pelabuhan Ratu area.

Souvenir Tips

  • Similar with the ones sold in Pelabuhan Ratu.

Other Things to See or Do

  • Take a bath on the river or pools.
  • See the spectacular sights around you.

Travel Tips

  • Bring along spare clothes and bathing suits.
  • Take care not to immerse yourself near the geysers. You can also bathe yourself in the pool containing warm water from geysers, with a nominal fee.


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