Climbing Adventure, Bukit Kaba in Bengkulu

The lush  vegetation that covers  the foothills of Bukit Kaba offers a veritable  feast for the eyes, while the different colors of succulent fruit hanging from the trees enhance this picturesque view. A number of women can be seen in the orchard picking the ripe fruit and vegetables,  throwing these in the baskets on their backs.

Standing at 1,952 meters above sea level, Bukit Kaba – or the Kaba Hill –  is where the village of Sumber Urip nestles in the subdistrict of Selupuh Rejang in the district of Rejang Lebong, Bengkulu province. From this vantage point you can admire the peaks of the twin volcanoes and a third  dormant mountain.

Exploring Bukit Kaba means getting yourself immersed in undiluted nature, for as you trek through the jungle you may often come across wild animals that dare to come up real close to you. Further up do not forget to refill your flask with clear water that flows fresh from the springs here, or take a cool bath under the many waterfalls before you continue on your ascent to the crater.

Bukit Kaba, Bengkulu
Bukit Kaba, Bengkulu (Source :

The first leg of your climb takes you from the first post to Pematang Durian which takes around 3-4 hours. This section can also be undertaken by four wheeled vehicles should you wish to save your energy. The next leg, however, takes you through jungle treks with steep inclines that will take some 2 hours walking. And before you finally reach the top of Bukit Kaba, get your breath back, stretch your aching muscles and relax a bit before starting the climb up the thousand steps before you attain your final destination: the peak of Bukit Kaba.

The last exhausting twenty-minutes climb will be amply rewarded when you look down on the three craters on Bukit Kaba with lakes that change color from time to time. The smoke emitted by the two craters indicate that these are still very active whereas the fact that no smoke comes out from the third shows that this crater is  indeed dormant.

Near the entrance of the jungle which leads to the main path into the forest are hot water pools and hot water springs which are a great place to  relax or bathe your feet after your tiring descent from the peak.


From the pinnacle of the Hill you will have an amazing view of the Bukit Barisan mountain range. And when the sun begins slowly to set beyond the mountains its gold and orange rays add to this most spectacular panorama, an opportunity definitely not to be missed to take that once in a lifetime shot.  And after you set up camp here, look down on the lights of Kota Curup for a unforgettable view.


To reach Bukit Turup you must first pass the town of Curup, which is  reachable from the city of Bengkulu or from the towns of Pagar alam and Lubuk Linggau in the province of South Sumatra. You can take a “travel” mini bus with fares ranging between Rp. 80,000 to Rp. 90,000.

Public buses serve the route from Bengkulu city to Panorama Market Terminal, costing  Rp20,000. From the terminal look for village transport to the village of  Sumber Bening or Simpang Bukit Kaba which costs around Rp7,000, then continue by motorbike taxi called ojek to reach the first post of the climb.

While, when you arrive by “travel” bus you can ask to to be dropped off either at Simpang Bukit Kaba or even at the first post where you must register for the climb at Posko Pokdarwis, which needs an additional Rp20,000 per person.


It is best to start your climb in the earrly morning. But if you do arrive here late afternoon or evening, then best stay overnight at the Sumber Urip village to prepare yourself for the climb in the morning. Do not forget to bring a surgical mask to guard against the strong sulfur smell of the active craters. You should also bring all you need to start a bonfire, and do have warm clothings against the cold mountain air.

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