Central Kalimantan, The Biggest Province On The Borneo

Central Kalimantan is the biggest province on the island, covering 253,800 square kilometers, most are covered in jungles. The northern area is mountainous and difficult to reach. The central is dense tropical forest. The southern area is swampy and it has many rivers. The climate is hot and humid. The tree Dayak sub-tribes who inhabit this province are the Ngaju, Ot Danum and Ma’anyan.


Central Kalimantan
Central Kalimantan (Source : indonesia.travel)

By Garuda Indonedia Airlines domestic flights direct to Palangkaraya, capital of Central Kalimantan, three times every day.


Used to be a part of South Kalimantan, Central Kalimantan has existed for hundreds of years. At first, Kutai Kingdom embraced Hinduism, but later on Islam, centered from Brunei Darussalam. On 17th century, Dutch and Britain began to colonize this area. Dutch practiced divide et ampera technique, meaning they divided and conquered the people. The tribes were scattered and wary of each other until late 19th century when Tumbang Anoy peace pact in Hulu Kahayan, Central Kalimantan, was held.

Finally Central Kalimantan was declared as a province on May 23, 1957.

The Central Kalimantan tourism
The Central Kalimantan tourism (Source : indonesiatouristinformation.com)


Traditional Indonesian food can be found in most places, but you might want to try the specialty–rattan. And no you are not required to have teeth of steel to chew material mostly used to create furniture! Very young, tender rattans are harvested, the thorns and outer layer are removed. Then the inside of the young rattan is processed and cooked with other vegetables. The taste is rather rubbery and bitter, and best eaten with fish, or so the locals believe.


Malay people and Dayak dominate this area, as well Bugis. Some Dayak tree people still live in isolation among the forest.

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