Cemara Indah Beach, Enjoy The Gentle Breeze And The Fascinating Scenery

Besides the enchanting Banyak Islands, the  Aceh Singkil Regency in the southern region of Aceh Province still holds another wonderful surprise at the Cemara Indah Beach. This picturesque beach is located at Gosong Telaga Village, North Singkil, Aceh Singkil Regency, in the Aceh Province, some 25Km from the center of Singkil Regency, which is often referred to as Gosong Telaga Beach.

Cemara Indah beach, Aceh
Cemara Indah beach, Aceh (Source : alamceria.com)

The beach features a spectacular panorama of a vast stretch of clean white sands decorated with sheltering fir trees. These  have, in fact, given the beach its name, since Cemara Indah literally means “Beautiful Fir trees”. This is the perfect place to relax, lie back and just enjoy the gentle breeze and the fascinating scenery accompanied by the sound of waves embracing the shore. There are also gazebos where you can rest and relax.

The beach has been complemented with supporting facilities such as cafes, warungs ( food stalls), praying rooms (mushalla), spacious parking ground, and a Children Playground. Currently, a Waterboom recreational park is being built to add to the attraction of the beach.

The beautiful of Cemara Indah beach
The beautiful of Cemara Indah beach (Source : indonesiasurgadunia.wordpress.com)

Cemara  beach is a popular recreation spot for the locals. One of its main features, moreover, is not man made, which is the spectacular sunset. Watching the sun slowly set amidst beautiful changing colors over the horizon while sipping a hot cup of ciffee or tea, is certainly  an outstanding treat.


Aceh Singkil is famous for the Lokan seafood, which is a type of mollusc found abundantly on shore. The chewy texture of Lokan makes it perfect to be cooked in different ways into Rendang, Sate (skewered), or even mixed with banana to create a delicious  dessert.

There are some accommodation options available near Cemara Indah Beach.


Aceh Singkil is relatively closer to Medan, capital city of North  Sumatra, compared to the distance from. Banda Aceh, capital city of Aceh Province itself. From Banda Aceh, an overland trip using chartered car or public bus will take some 12-15 hours. Whilst, form Medan , the trip will take only 5 hours. Aside from chartering a car, you can also take public transport.

Another means is by  flight to Aceh Singkil from Banda Aceh and Medan. Airlines currently serving the routes are Susi Air and Buana Air. The Syekh Hamzah Fansyuri Airport in Aceh Singkil is situated at North Singkil, and from there it is only about 10-15 minutes drive to Cemara Indah Beach.

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