Mount Talang, West Sumatra

Mount Talang, Overlook The Beautiful Twin Lakes And Lake Singkarak

Mount Talang is  2,572 meters above sea level and it has a soothing view. From here you can overlook the beautiful Twin Lakes and Lake Singkarak. It’s one of the six active volcanoes in West Sumatra. It is said that the tea grown here tastes wonderful. The view is breathtaking and the weather is cool[…]

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Batu Basurek Or “The Written Stone”

Batu Basurek is a stone with inscriptions in the old Palava script of India, bearing the legend of Adityawarman in the year 1347. Literally, “Batu Basurek” itself means “The Written Stone”. The stone’s 25 cm wide, 80 cm high, and 10 cm thick. Erected above King Adityawarman’s resting place centuries ago, this stone was rediscovered[…]

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Bung Hatta Forest Reserve, Sumatra

Bung Hatta Forest Reserve : Home Of The Rafflesia Arnoldii

For botanist enthusiasts, the Bung Hatta Forest Reserve is a delight, filled with rare plants and exotic flowers. Known in the past as the Setya Mulya Botanic Garden, this botanical garden is home to a variety of unique tropical plants and animal species endemic to Sumatra. Take a walk around here and you will see[…]

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Rafflesia Arnoldii

Batang Palupuh, The Giant Flowers Rafflesia Arnoldii

Batang Palupuh is a refuge for the giant flowers Rafflesia Arnoldii, blooming only once a year in November. A guide can be obtained from the office at the reserve. ACTIVITIES TO EAT After a close look (and smell) of the flowers, you might not want to eat on the spot, so it’s advisable if you dine[…]

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Anai Resort And Golf Course, Padang

The Anai resort is located in gorgeus natural setting rounghly 550 meters above sea level. This eighteen hole course’s length spans to 5,552 meters. The course itself was designed by Thomson, Wolveridge and Perret in 1996. While challenging this 72 par course, you can enjoy beautiful panoramic views of Mount Tandikat, Mount Merapi and Mount[…]

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Bungus Island

The Wonderful Of Bungus Island

Bungus is sheltered by a bay. There are two good beaches: Carolina and Karang Tinta. ACTIVITIES TO STAY  There’s many various hotels and inns in Padang. GET THERE Go to Padang then use a AC car Padang – Bungus return.

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West Sumatra

West Sumatra, The Best Destination For Halal Tourism

Much of its highland is formed by the Bukit Barisan Mountain range; virgin jungles inhabited by elephants, tigers, leopards and rhinos. Minang people have spicy-hot dishes and ancient matriarchal customs. The women own property and the men leave home to seek their fame and fortune. Traveling is considered a mark of success, Padang restaurants are[…]

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