Pasar Raya, Padang

Padang, The Pretty Coastal Town in Southern Sumatra

Padang is most famously known around Indonesia for its Makanan Padang (Padang Food). It is not just the food that will entice you to this pretty coastal town in Southern Sumatra. The town itself is nicely laid out making navigation around the city quite easy. There are the famous buildings showing the distinct Minang architecture[…]

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Koto Gadang village, Bukittinggi

Bukittinggi, The Minangkabau Highlands

Bukittinggi lies surrounded by lush forests and rolling hills in the Minang Highlands. Bukittinggi is the commercial centre of the region and a bustling hill town. It’s a great place to discover arts and crafts, as numerous surrounding villages are easily accessible from the town itself. These small villages named Koto Gandang, Pandai Sikat are[…]

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Mentawai tribe, North Sumatra

Authentic Sumatra, Ecotourism in Nagari Sungai Pinang, West Sumatra

“Nagari Sungai Pinang is a small fishermen village located not far from Padang, the capital city of West Sumatra. This paradise is a closely guarded amazingly beautiful secret as not many people know about it. Authentic Sumatra offers you to stay in an typical wooden bungalow near the Indian ocean and under the coconut trees. In[…]

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Orang pendek from Sumatra

Orang Pendek, The Little Man Of The Forest

Hobbits, Big Foot’s cousin Little Foot, Little man of the forest call it what you will but the search has been going on for hundreds of years for “Orang Pendek” (Short Person). The western world first learnt of this half human creature in the 1400’s when Sir John Mandeville returned to Europe with reports of[…]

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Kerinci Seblat National Park, West Sumatra

Travel Guide For Kerinci Seblat National Park

Indonesia is very well known for the forest, greenery, cliffs, waterfall and beaches around its surroundings. Apart from all these, Indonesia is well known for its Parks and special animals like Komodo dragon, Orangutans etc. The Kerinci Seblat National Park, which stretches from plains of West Sumatra to the forest valley over the deep river[…]

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The Adityawarman Museum, West Sumatra

Adityawarman Museum : The History And Culture Of The Minangkabau

The Adityawarman Museum in Padang, capital of West Sumatra, is a “must visit” when you plan to spend your holidays in this beautiful province, since the Museum has on display the most comprehensive collection on the history and culture of the Minangkabau, the ethnic group that inhabits this region. Located in the heart of the city[…]

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Sipora Island

Sipora Island, The Smallest Island On The Coast Of West Sumatra

Whether you are an experienced surfer, looking for a challenge, a solo backpacker with a more adventurous side, or thinking of just getting away from your routine daily life, this island is a haven of activity. With its challenging surfing spots, white sandy beaches with exotic fish and colorful corals, Pulau Sipora offers a little something for[…]

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Siberut island, Mentawai islands

Siberut Island, The Largest Of The Mentawai Chain Of Islands

There are not many places in the world where you could find all packed into one small island some excellent world class surfing spots, exotic tropical forests, local tribal experiences, and rare exotic plant and animal species. Among the Mentawai islands lies a small, but unique and, not only naturally but also culturally beautiful island.[…]

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Mentawai's Nyang Nyang Island, Sumatra

Exotic Natural Landscape, Nyang-nyang Island

Nyang-nyang may just be a small island among the Mentawai Islands off the coast of West Sumatra, however, it has a huge reputation among avid surfers around the world as one of the best surfing spots among the islands, in Indonesia, andeven in the world. For Mentawai is known for itsconsistently high and exceptionally long rolling waves. With its exotic natural landscape, Nyang-nyang Island[…]

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Pasar Aur Kuning and Pasar Atas

Bukittinggi’s Pasar Aur Kuning And Pasar Atas, The Traditional Markets

West Sumatra is famed for its exquisite handicrafts producing rich gold and silver “songket” cloths on handwoven red, sky blue, royal yellow or deep green cloths, elegant embroidered pieces used at elaborate traditional weddings, fine embroidered “peranakan” wedding costumes, accessories and sandals, filigree work, woodcarving, embroidered muslim wear and prayer veils -or “mukenah”,-  and a whole […]

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Tambang Batubara Museum, Ombilin

Sawah Lunto : The Town Of The “Black Pearl”

After an hour’s drive from the city of Padang to its northeastern outskirts, the road splits. Lake Singkarak lies to the left and Sawahlunto to the right, some 95 kilometers from Padang. Sawahlunto is known as the town of the ‘black pearl’ harking back to the once-abundant coal which was the town’s prominent product. Today, approaching the town one finds deserted rail[…]

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Padang Panjang, Serambi Mekkah of West Sumatera

A Breezy Little Town, Padang Panjang

Travelling north from Padang, capital of West Sumatra, towards Bukittinggi, one will pass a breezy little town that stands over 700 meters above sea level, called Padang Panjang. Protected by three towering mountains on the north namely: Mount Marapi, Mount Singgalang, and Mount Tandikek, this town offers picturesque scenery to complement its refreshing ambience. Padang Panjang is divided into[…]

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Payakumbuh city, West Sumatra

Payakumbuh : Embraced By The Lush Beauty Of Nature

Situated some 125 Km north-east from Padang, capital city of West Sumatra, you will find yourself in a charming town embraced by the beauty of nature that is Payakumbuh. Surrounded by an array of valleys and lush green fields and set against the dramatic panorama of Mount Singgalang and Mount Malintang, Payakumbuh is truly the best place to[…]

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Tabuik festival in Pariaman

Tabuik Festival in Pariaman

Just over an hour of easy driving, some 56 kilometers north of Padang, lies the harbour town of Pariaman, located along  a beautiful 7-mile coastline. Once known as a thriving seaport, it is now better known for its Tabuik celebrations, the reenactment of the Battle of Karbala and the martyrdom of the grandchildren of the Prophet Muhammad, Hasan and Husyein along with[…]

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