500 Lohan, the Buddhist temples in Tanjung Pinang, Riau Archipelago

Bintan Island, The Jewel Of Riau Islands

Bintan is one of two islands (the other being Batam) situated just off the southern coast of Singapore. Due to their proximity to Singapore, Bintan is easily accessible from the ferry terminal located on Singapore’s southern coast. The crossing only takes around 30 minutes by fast boat. Bintan has become increasingly popular with Singaporeans in[…]

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Nagoya, Batam city

Batam City, The Industrial Island

Batam’s proximity to Singapore has helped it to develop from a jungle covered island with mangrove swamps to an industrial hub. Due to the shortage of labour in Singapore, Batam has become the place for joint industrial ventures between the two countries. This has attracted workers from all over Indonesia to flock to Batam in[…]

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Alif Stone Park

Exploring Natuna, The Beauty Of The North

Natuna Islands are located at the northern end of Karimata Strait. They are an exceptional marine potential with a charming landscape. Life in Natuna Islands carries on as usual. Fishermen go to the sea at night and bring back their catch of fish in wave after wave when the sun rises. They know about the[…]

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Bintan island, Riau archipelago

Bintan Cheap Accommodation

Tropical holidays in Bintan cheap accommodation. With the white sandy beaches and lush rainforest that serve a beautiful panorama, having holiday in Bintan will be a proper place to escape from daily routine business. Bintan Island is the biggest island in Riau Archipelago Province in Indonesia, which covers 2,402.28 km2. Located not far from Singapore,[…]

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Bintan Agro Beach Resort, Bintan island

Bintan Agro Beach Resort, Sparkling Beaches And Picturesque Shoreline

Located in the south-eastern coast of Bintan Island in the Riau Islands Province, Bintan Agro Beach Resort is blessed with sparkling beaches and picturesque shoreline that will definitely set the mood for the perfect getaway. Nestled on a secluded beachfront  along the enchanting Trikora Beach area, with vast , stretching soft white sands and clear turquoise seas, the resort offers an[…]

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Resort The Sanchaya, Lagoi

The Luxurious Sanchaya Resort in Bintan Island

Opened early 2015, set along the pristine sands of Lagoi Bay on the northern shore of the enchanting Bintan Island, in the Riau Islands Province, the luxurious Sanchaya Resort fronts an ivory-colored beach with stunning views of the South China Sea. With twenty one private villas and nine suites, all the rooms are filled with hand-picked treasures and fascinating artifacts[…]

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Nikoi Island, Amazing Exclusive Island Of Bintan

The island of Bintan in the Riau Islands Province never ceases to amaze visitors with its enchanting natural landscape. The smooth roads on this island, accompanied by spectacular sceneries are ready to take you to some of the amazing splendors beyond your imagination. One of these roads will  lead you to a secluded small island[…]

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Holiday To Bintan Lagoon Resort

Another fully integrated resort on the north coast of Bintan island is the sprawling Bintan Lagoon Resort.  Covering a total area of over 300 hectares, Bintan Lagoon offers 470 luxurious suites and villas, two championship golf courses, a dedicated Convention Centre, an array of seasports and land-based activities for the whole family, a number of international  restaurants, and to top[…]

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Tanjung Pinang, Riau archipelago

Tanjung Pinang, The Capital City Of Riau Archipelago

Once the former capital of Bintan island only, today, the town of Tanjung Pinang has grown into the capital city of the entire Province of the Riau Archipelago – or Kepulauan Riau, better known as Keppri for short.  And since 21 June 2001 Tanjung Pinang was also designated an autonomous Municipality. Tanjung Pinang is located at the south western coast of the island[…]

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Trikora Beach, A Long Stretch Of White Beach

Located east of Bintan island in the Riau archipelago, is a long stretch of white beach, scattered with picturesque huge boulders, called Trikora Beach. This is  the popular seaside playground for locals but also for those coming from Singapore and Malaysia. From here, not far out to sea you will see  rows of ” kelongs” or fish traps, houses on boats, under which fishermen hang out their nets to catch[…]

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Nirwana Resort Hotel

Nirwana Gardens in Bintan

Covering a sprawling 300 hectares and more, fringed by a swathe of white sand beaches brushed by the South China Sea, the Nirwana Gardens in the north-west coast of the island of Bintan appears to have it altogether for the perfect holiday or the most romantic honeymoon. This all-inclusive and self contained upmarket Resort offers beach activities, fun, natural forests,[…]

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The Anambas Islands, Sumatra

A Tropical Paradise, The Anambas Islands

Named Asia’s Best Tropical Island by CNN.com in 2013 the Anambas islands are indeed a tropical paradise.  Located in the South China Sea, the Anambas are among Indonesia’s northern-most border archipelagos. Facing the wide open ocean, the Anambas provide a panoramic view of blue seas and green islands dotted with azure lagoons. Here are excellent dive spots where divers[…]

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Bintan Mangrove Tour

Journey Into The Surreal Sungai Sebung Mangrove Forests Of Bintan

Located south west of the extensive Bintan Resorts tourism area, just at its very border, are pristine mangrove forests bisected by the meandering, clear river of Sungai Sebung. This 6.8 km long river has its source in the hillside lakes whose waters are collected from the rains and not from the ground as springwater.  The mangrove forests that once used to be[…]

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A Beautiful Melayu Beach, Wrapped in A Serene And Peaceful Ambience

Leaving the bright lights of downtown Batam City, crossing the iconic Barelang Bridge, and setting foot on the quiet little island of Rempang, one will find a beautiful beach wrapped in a serene and peaceful ambience. This is Melayu Beach, located at Rempang Cate Village, Galang district, Batam municipality . The beach is situated some 15 minutes drive from[…]

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Fun Adventure in Golden City Bengkong

Just a short ferry ride away from Singapore, the island of Batam in Riau Archipelago province is not just bustling with industry and business activities, but it is also filled with many wonderful spots offering all sorts of fun and leisure activities for the entire family. One of the best places to take the family on a full day[…]

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