The Museum of North Sumatra

Medan, The Multicultural City

Medan is Indonesia‘s fourth largest city and like the others has acquired a reputation of hot, dirty, overcrowded and full of traffic. This being said Medan has its charms in its early twentieth century colonial architecture and numerous temples scattered throughout the city. You can arrive in Medan by Plane, Bus or even Boat. Most[…]

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Toba Lake

Lake Toba, The Largest Volcanic Lake in Indonesia

Lake Toba, a volcanic lake which is the largest lake in Indonesia, and even Southeast Asia. Believed to be by a gigantic volcanic eruption some 70,000 years ago. Exotic charm mixed with the vast expanse of the lake like a sea with shady trees and hills, encompassing its charming. The lake, measuring 1700 square meters (1,000 sq[…]

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Lingga Village, Karo

Explore North Sumatra, Indonesia

Indonesia is also known as an adventurous country. So as its unforgettable ambience. One of them is North Sumatra Province, which is the gate of tourist destination (DTW) in western part of Indonesia. Surrounded by rich tropical natural resources, North Sumatra has spectacular panoramas. Amongst them is Bukit Barisan Highland, lush green rice field, colorful[…]

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The Maimoon Palace, Medan

Medan, The Largest City On The Island Of Sumatra

Medan is one of the many tourist destinations in Indonesia. It is the capital city of North Sumatra and the largest city in Sumatra. The city’s population is about 3 million people. Some of the places of interest in Medan are Maimoon Palace, Mesjid Raya, Shri Mariamman Temple, Vihara Gunung Timur, Borobudur Temple, Medan Zoo,[…]

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Sibolga, The Main Sea Port Of North Sumatra

The town of Sibolga is the main sea port on the west coast of the province of North Sumatra. Ever since the early centuries AD , Indian and Arab merchants used to sail across the Indian Ocean to Sumatra using this western gateway. The main attraction here then was the high quality camphor exported from the nearby[…]

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Barus Port, The Historical City in Sumatra

The small port of Barus, located on the north west coast of the province of North Sumatra facing the wide Indian Ocean, was once the main exporter of the world’s camphor and camphorwood. So much so that even until today the word camphor in bahasa Indonesia is known as Kapur Barus, meaning the chalk from Barus. Today, though Barus[…]

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Pandan Beach, Sibolga

Pandan Beach, The Perfect Place To Get Away From The Bustling Everyday City Life

Vast stretches of white sandy beach, an indulging sun in the clear blue sky, a cool refreshing breeze, and nothing but crystal clear water all the way to the horizon, these are what await visitors to the enchanting Pandan Beach, in Central Tapanuli Regency, North Sumatra Province. Situated near the town of Sibolga on the north-west coast of North Sumatra,[…]

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Mursala Waterfall

Mursala Island, Amazing Panorama Faces The Indian Ocean

Leaving the coast of Tapanuli Bay by the city of Sibolga on the west coast of  the province of North Sumatra, one will be greeted by  a serene island covered with lush green trees and the beauty of nature. The 8,000 hectares island is called Mursala Island, popularly also known as Mansalaar Island, home to a handful of families. The[…]

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Surfing at Teluk Dalam

Teluk Dalam On Nias : Prime Destination For Surfers

This lovely little city is an amazing blend of beautiful scenery, culture, and history. Teluk Dalam in South Nias, is a prime destination for surfers both local and international, with its challenging sites and fierce rolling blue waves. This city is also the spot where the famous traditional ‘stone, or boulder jumping’ takes place, a heart-stopping[…]

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