Welcome To Sulawesi

Sulawesi sprawls between Borneo and Maluku like a lazy sea serpent lying casually in the sea with its four huge tentacles stretched out for maximum relaxation. Formed by these four tentacles, four peninsulas framed by dramatic mountains make Sulawesi a decadent sight to behold, provide a sheltered environment for abundant marine life, create endless varieties of stunning[…]

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The Royal Cemetery of Banggae Kings, West Sulawesi

Royal Cemetery Of Banggae Kings And Hadat Of The Mandar, Majene

Located on the Ondongan Hill overlooking the beautiful Bay of Majene, West Sulawesi, the ancestors of the Mandar ethnic group in the Banggae Kingdom of Majene could not have picked a better place to bury their Kings and royal families than at this Royal Cemetery of Banggae Kings and Hadat. Located within Pang Ali-ali Village, Banggae sub district, Majene[…]

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Dato Pangalle beach, West Sulawesi

Dato Beach, Soft White Sandy Beach And Crystal Clear Water

A soft white sandy beach, crystal clear water, staggering cliffs, beautiful rock formations, and swaying palm trees: one may well be mistaken to be somewhere in Bali, but it is not. Far from the spotlights of more popular destinations in other major islands, Dato Beach with all its splendor is truly a secluded beauty hidden within the[…]

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West Sulawesi tourism

West Sulawesi : Fantastic Natural Tourism

Mamuju as the capital city of the province. Administratively, the province is divided into 5 Regencies. Geographically, the province is located in the cross position of the golden Triangle of South Sulawesi, East Kalimantan and Central Sulawesi as well as directly faces national and international sailing route of Makassar straits. Topographic condition of West Sulawesi[…]

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The city of Mamuju, Sulawesi

Mamuju, Explore The Hidden Beauty Of Sulawesi

Once forming part of the vast South Sulawesi Province, the province of West Sulawesi was not officially formed until 5th October 2004. Along with the establishment of the new province, a capital was chosen as the center of government activities, which fell on the little coastal town of Mamuju, which lies most central in this tall shaped province. Not only[…]

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Indo Rannuang Waterfall, Polewali Mandar

The Amazing Indo Rannuang Waterfall And The Limbong Sitodo River

Situated approximately just a mere 8 Km from the heart of Polewali, capital of the Polewali Mandar Regency in West Sulawesi, nature presents some of its best features at the Indo Rannuang Waterfall and the Limbong Sitodo River that runs below. The two fascinating spots are administratively located within the Kunyi Village in the Anreapi sub-district. Limbong Sitodo is a natural bathing area and[…]

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