Wakatobi islands underwater exploration

Wakatobi Is A Dream Diving Destination

Wakatobi is a dream diving destination and as soon as you arrive in this small archipelago in southeast Sulawesi, you certainly won’t be disappointed at the beauty of the place – above and below the water. Jaques Cousteau once said that this area of Indonesia was probably some of the best diving in the world[…]

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The ancient artifacts, Walennae village

The Southwestern Peninsula Of Sulawesi

The history, culture, and landscape of South Sulawesi combine together to create a very unique travel experience. South Sulawesi covers the southwestern peninsula of Sulawesi – a mountainous region of natural beauty. The Bugis, Makassar, Mandar and Toraja are the four ethnic groups that call South Sulawesi home. South Sulawesi’s sea faring traditions were established[…]

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The gorgeous underwater scenery, The Togian Islands

Togean Islands, The Cluster Of Amazing Islands in Sulawesi

Togean islands, this is a cluster of islands protected and sheltered by mainland Sulawesi. The added benefit of security has allowed the Togean Islands to develop in a very special way. Be it on land or in the water you are sure to find little surprises in this isolated part of the world. Free from[…]

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Loka Camp, Bantaeng

Bantaeng, A Quiet Coastal Town With A Centuries Old Tradition Of Fishing

Head south out of Makassar following the coast road around the tip of the South Sulawesi peninsula, you’ll come to Bantaeng – a quiet coastal town with a centuries old tradition of fishing. In recent years, as the price of fish has declined, many of the fishermen have switched to harvesting seaweed, which is used[…]

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Bunaken National Park

Bunaken, Tropical Paradise With Picture Postcard Beaches And Quaint Island Villages

When we hear the words, The great wall, images are conjured in our minds of power, strength, beauty and a man made wonder. What makes Bunaken unforgettable are the hidden great walls that will leave you with images on serenity, beauty, diversity and a pure natural wonder. Literally, on the surface, Bunaken is a another tropical[…]

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Losari beach

Makassar City, The Hub For Eastern Indonesia

Indonesia’s 10th largest city – Makassar – is the capital of South Sulawesi province, and the largest city in the eastern part of Indonesia. Makassar has always been the prominent economic and transit hub it is today. Going back 700 years, it was called Ujung Pandang. At that time Makassar’s sea port was a beehive[…]

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Welcome To Sulawesi

Sulawesi sprawls between Borneo and Maluku like a lazy sea serpent lying casually in the sea with its four huge tentacles stretched out for maximum relaxation. Formed by these four tentacles, four peninsulas framed by dramatic mountains make Sulawesi a decadent sight to behold, provide a sheltered environment for abundant marine life, create endless varieties of stunning[…]

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Indonesian Cruises, Ombak Putih

Indonesian Cruises

Indonesia is an archipelago consisting of more than 13,000 islands. And the nature of Indonesia has a good potential for marine tourism. Although, there are not many, but there have been several Indonesian cruises which will provide a wonderful experience for you. More often wade in the Nusa Tenggara / Lesser Sunda Islands. Lesser Sunda[…]

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Diving Liveaboards Trips

Togian And Banggai : Diving Liveaboards Trips

Still in Sulawesi, Indonesia. There is Togian Islands in the Gulf of Tomini, that is very excellent for Diving Liveaboards Trips. Well, we direct to the Togian Islands. Consist of Togian Island, Batudaka Island, Una-Una Island, Talatakoh Island, Waleabahi Island, Poat Island and many other small islands, this area is very attractive for diving. Barrier[…]

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Liveaboard boat

Diving Liveaboard Trips : Lembeh, North Sulawesi

Sulawesi, or also known as Celebes, an island in Indonesia. Sulawesi still has many natural and original forests, and thus also with the sea. These makes the island of Sulawesi become eligible for diving liveaboards trips. Have you heard Bunaken, one of the most beautiful dive site in the world? Well, Bunaken is very attractive[…]

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Tana Toraja burials

Tana Toraja, An Ethnic Group Indigenous To A Mountainous Region Of South Sulawesi

In South Sulawesi province there is a district called Toraja or Tana Toraja (Toraja Land). It is a highland inhabited by its people who have unique and interesting traditions. The district is located in the northern part of South Sulawesi. By bus, it takes about eight hours to get to Tana Toraja from Makassar, the[…]

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