Maitara Island, Tidore

Explore The Beautiful Island Of Tidore

Tidore is a must visit for those travellers that find themselves in Ternate. Located just across the sea from Ternate and accessed by speedboat, Tidore can offer the visitor an insight into the once fierce rivalry that stood between the two Islands. The ancient rivalry dates back to when the Portuguese landed on Ternate in[…]

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Natsepa Beach, Ambon

Ambon, Beautiful Islands

Ambon is the capital of the Moluccas otherwise famously known as the Spice Islands. It was here that the Portuguese first discovered the very lucrative nutmeg and clove that was very much sought after in 15th century Europe. Ambon experienced clashes in the early nineties amongst the Christians and Muslims; however, rest assured that today,[…]

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Halmahera Tourism

Halmahera, The Wonderful Of Spice Islands

Halmahera is by far the largest island in all of the Spice Islands, and its northern point the most northern in the archipelago. The island is scattered with an array of unique birdlife, volcanoes, gorgeous beaches and very rich culture and makes a visit here worthwhile and rewarding. Getting to Halmahera isn’t as difficult as[…]

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Lorentz National Park, Papua

Lorentz National Park, The Biodiversity Of Papua

An archipelago of tropical Islands nestled on the equator, active volcanoes, sun drenched beaches and who could forget the spicy food that will start a fire in your mouth, the problem is where does snow fit into all of this? Ladies and Gentlemen, we present to you Gunung Jaya standing at 5.039 meters high with[…]

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Baliem festival, Wamena

Wamena, The Main City in The Baliem Valley Of West Papua

People heading to Wamena are here for one thing only and that is trekking in the Baliem Valley. The only real way you will arrive is by flight landing at the very basic airport. Susi Air is the best option to take you to Wamena. The town itself is rather drab however there is a great[…]

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Cenderawasih, The Bird of Paradise

Explore The Best Of Manokwari

In a religious sense this is Plymouth Rock, the western world and its influences first arrived in this part of Papua. Over the years it has grown into a pleasant seaside port, which offers a nice starting point for the traveller. There are minor attractions in the town itself but there are two main destinations,[…]

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The Wasur National Park

Merauke, The Gateway To The Great Savannas Of Indonesia

Merauke is the gateway to one of the great savannas of Indonesia. This is where we begin to understand that Australia is not just merely a close neighbor but a long lost brother. The similarities are astounding from the landscape to the animals that call this area home and Wasur National Park is this spectacular[…]

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Ambonese Dance

Maluku, The Moluccas Or The Spice Islands

Maluku – The Moluccas – Jazirat al-Muluk – The Island of the Kings – The Spice Islands – the names themselves invoke a sense of adventure, of mystery, and hint of something to be discovered, stirring that yearning which lives deep within all of us who travel and demands to be fed. When you arrive in Maluku,[…]

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