Welcome To Kalimantan, The Home Of The Orangutans

Welcome to Kalimantan, the home of the Orangutans, now let’s examine the word orangutan for a second, what does it mean. If we look at the Indonesian word ‘orang’ meaning person and ‘hutan’ meaning forest we get a better idea of how close a neighbour these wonderful apes are to us, the people of the[…]

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Kijing Beach

Visiting West Kalimantan

Welcome to West Kalimantan or what is sometimes called ‘Kalbar’ by the locals. Its capital city is Pontianak which is located on the Equator, making it the Equator city. The province has an area of 146,807 km² with a population of well over 4,000,000. The Major ethnic groups are the Dayak, Malay, Chinese, which form approximately 90% of the province’s[…]

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Semolon Waterfall, North Kalimantan

Kalimantan, One Of The Last Wild Jungle Frontiers On Earth

The time you spend in Kalimantan will change you. You’ll carry away with you a sense of awe, of wonder, and of having experienced a piece of an ancient mystery. Kalimantan is one of the last wild jungle frontiers on earth. See it quickly before the chainsaws of progress forever erase it. Kalimantan is located[…]

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The Loksado river

Loksado, The Paradise Of South Kalimantan

Driving into the heart of the Meratus Mountain Range, some two and a half hours from Banjarmasin, capital of South Kalimantan Province, one will be welcomed by a lush landscape decorated with wonderful waterfalls, rushing rivers, and the enchanting culture of its indigenous people. That isolated piece of South Kalimantan’s paradise is known as Loksado, a sub-district of the[…]

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Deep forest trekking through Betung Kerihun National Park

Betung Kerihun National Park in The Heart Of Borneo

Betung Kerihun National Park is a Wildlife Sanctuary centrally located on the island of Kalimantan, and is the largest conservation area in the West Kalimantan province in the Heart of Borneo. Its hilly topography spans an area of 8,000 square kilometers and encompasses 8 types of forest eco-systems, including lowland forest, old secondary forest, dipterocarpus, sub-montane and montane forest. A[…]

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A dayak longhouse or Rumah Betang

The Longhouse And The Dayak Way Of Life

When travelling up the Kapuas River, you will pass typical Dayak longhouses, with smoke wafting from atop roofs disappearing behind leafy ferns and rows of coconut trees. Inside, mothers will have just extracted the coconut juice to prepare a big dinner that smells most inviting. A Dayak longhouse consists of more than 50 rooms with[…]

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Toa Pek Kong, the oldest temple in Singkawang

Singkawang, City Of A Thousand Chinese Temples

Located 145 km north of Pontianak, capital of  West Kalimantan, Singkawang is the second largest city in the province, bordering the State of Sarawak, Malaysia. Unlike other towns in Indonesia, Singkawang has a distinct oriental atmosphere with hundreds of Chinese temples found around almost every corner of town. This is because over 70% of Singkawang’s population[…]

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Equator Monument, Pontianak

The Equator Monument in North Pontianak

Among all countries in the world, only twelve straddle the Equator. While among the countless cities within those twelve countries, only one sits right on this invisible line that separates the earth’s southern from the northern hemisphere. Pontianak, capital of the province of West Kalimantan – formerly known as West Borneo – has the distinction[…]

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Pontianak, the city on the equator

Pontianak, Indonesia’s City On The Equator

Pontianak, Indonesia’s City on the Equator lies on the banks of the Kapuas, the country’s longest and largest river, and one of the longest rivers in the world. The Kapuas River has its source at Gunung Lawit, deep in the Mueller mountain range in Central Borneo where it rushes down, meandering 1,143 kilometers west, passing 9 of[…]

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The Lake Sentarum, West Kalimantan

Lake Sentarum National Park, The Heart Of Borneo

Lake Sentarum National Park (LSNP) is a park protecting one of the world’s most biodiverse lake-systems situated deep in the Heart of Borneo, in Indonesia’s province of West Kalimantan. Located in the Kapuas Hulu Regency, the Park lies in the upper Kapuas River tectonic basin some 700 kilometers upstream from the delta. The basin is a[…]

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The Mount Palung National Park, West Kalimantan

Mount Palung, Borneo’s Tropical Wilderness

Located on the border between Ketapang and North Kayon in the province of West Kalimantan, Mount Palung National Park is one of the largest national parks in Indonesia. Officially open to the public in 1990, Mount Palung National Park covers a total area of approximately 90,000 hectares containing many animal species including birds, mammals, as well as many[…]

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West Kalimantan tourism

Discover West Kalimantan

Lying directly on the equator with many canals crisscross the city and one of Indonesia’s longest rivers, the Kapuas (1,143 km long) divides the town in two, providing an essential and historical communications link. Stone carvings and ceramics can be traced as far back as the 5th century, but it is the influence of Islam[…]

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