Welcome To Kalimantan, The Home Of The Orangutans

Welcome to Kalimantan, the home of the Orangutans, now let’s examine the word orangutan for a second, what does it mean. If we look at the Indonesian word ‘orang’ meaning person and ‘hutan’ meaning forest we get a better idea of how close a neighbour these wonderful apes are to us, the people of the[…]

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Apo Kayan, Dayak Tribe

From East Kalimantan To The Youngest Province Of Indonesia, North kalimantan

Welcome to what was the oldest Hindu kingdoms in Indonesia, and what is the second largest Indonesian province. The two major cities in the province are Samarinda (the capital of timber production) and Balikpapan (the center of the petroleum and oil refinery industries). The indigenous population are made up of the Dayaks and Kutai groups living in rural areas.[…]

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Semolon Waterfall, North Kalimantan

Kalimantan, One Of The Last Wild Jungle Frontiers On Earth

The time you spend in Kalimantan will change you. You’ll carry away with you a sense of awe, of wonder, and of having experienced a piece of an ancient mystery. Kalimantan is one of the last wild jungle frontiers on earth. See it quickly before the chainsaws of progress forever erase it. Kalimantan is located[…]

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The city of Tarakan

Tarakan, The Marshy Island in The Celebes Sea

The area of North Kalimantan that borders directly onto the neighboring country of Malaysia was once part of the East Kalimantan Province until it was officially established as a separate province on 25th October 2012. While the young province that has Tanjung Selor as capital city may not be as familiar to most ears as Indonesia’s other provinces, it holds[…]

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The Bekantan and Mangrove Conservation Park

The Bekantan And Mangrove Conservation Park, Tarakan

A mere 1 km from the city center of Tarakan in the province of North Kalimantan, and just along the highway out of the city is the Bekantan and Mangrove Conservation Park (Kawasan Konservasi Mangrove dan Bekantan – KKMB), which has as its chief inhabitants a large family of proboscis monkeys, called Bekantan. These long nosed and large bellied[…]

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The Kayan Mentarang National Park, North Kalimantan

Kayan Mentarang, The Largest National Park in North Kalimantan

Kayan Mentarang National Park is the biggest uniformity of primary and secondary forest, which covers 1,360,500 hectare, and still remains in Kalimantan and in the Southeast Asia. It is located in Bulungan, North Kalimantan, Indonesia, with humid weather and temperatures around 16°C – 30° C. This national park, situating at 200– 2,258 meters above sea level,[…]

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Dayak girls, North Kalimantan

North Kalimantan, Discover The Beauty Of Borneo

Previously part of the East Kalimantan Province, the North Kalimantan Province was officially established on 25th October 2012 with Tanjung Selor as its capital city, making this the 34th and youngest province in Indonesia. Located on the northern-most part of Kalimantan, – the Indonesian side of the island of Borneo, – the province directly borders[…]

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