Carita, the famous beach in Banten

Carita, The Typical Seaside Resort Town

Carita is a typical seaside resort town that stretches along the coast 20 kilometers south of Anyer. Carita is very popular among Jakartans wanting to escape the busy capital and you may find, especially on weekends that the beach is thronged with tourists, snorkeling in the murky waters and jet skis propelling themselves ferociously up[…]

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Travel to Anyer beach

Getting To Anyer, Banten

Anyer is located around 3 hours West of Jakarta and has become a popular weekend getaway among the busy workers of Jakarta. The only real landmark of any interest is the lighthouse that was built by Queen Wilhelmina of Holland in 1885. It was built in remembrance of those people who tragically lost their lives[…]

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Mount Anak Krakatau

Mount Anak Krakatau, The Child Of Krakatau

Today when you stand on the west coast of Java looking out to sea you will not see the infamous Krakatau, as on the 27th of August 1883. The 9 x 5 km volcano that towered nearly 1 km high exploded sending over 20 cubic km of debris into the atmosphere. The noise of which[…]

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Island of Peucang

Ujung Kulon National Park : Home Of The Javanese Rhinos

In Banten, not too far away from the hustle and bustle of Jakarta lies the last home of the Javanese Rhinos. As you move through the dense rain forest you might be lucky enough to sight one of these extremely rare animals. They are solitary in their movements and only number slightly over 40 in[…]

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Panaitan island, Ujung Kulon

Surfing Paradise, The Panaitan Island

Panaitan Surfing Panaitan Island is part of Ujung Kulon National Park, West Java. The island is uninhabited and has a dense forest that becomes home to many animals such as deer, wild boar, monkey, python, birds, several species of crocodiles and giant lizards. However, some ancient Hindu statue which sits atop the Mount Raksa indicates[…]

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Ujung Kulon National Park

Ujung Kulon, National Park On The Island Of Java

Ujung Kulon has a national park or “Taman Nasional Ujung Kulon” that is attractive to many tourists. It is located in the Banten province, the western-most part of Java. To get there from Jakarta it is a 90 minute drive through the toll road of Jakarta – Serang. The park has been known by researchers[…]

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Inside the Benteng Heritage Museum

Benteng Heritage Museum : The Traditional Chinese Hokkien Heritage

For those interested in the diaspora of the Chinese and how and when they settled in Indonesia should visit the small Benteng Heritage Museum in Tangerang, on the outskirts west of Jakarta. The Benteng Chinese community by the Cisadane river belong to one of the first Chinese settlers in Indonesia, who intermarried and integrated with the local[…]

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Sangiang island, Banten

Natural And Marine Tourism Park Of Sangiang Island

Situated in the Sunda Strait that separates the large islands of Java and Sumatra, and north east of the Krakatau volcanic Islands, Sangiang Island is a Marine Nature park which offers some of the best underwater marvels found in Banten. Administratively, Sangiang forms part of the Anyer District, Serang Regency, in the province of Banten. Sangiang offers some[…]

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Tunda island, Banten

Banten’s Secluded Tunda Island

While prime destinations in the province of Banten such as the Ujung Kulon National Park, Tanjung Lesung Resort, and the Old Banten Complex may already be wellknown among domestic and international tourists, this province still has plenty of astonishing attractions, secluded form popular spotlights. One of such fascinating hidden treasures is Tunda Island off the northern coast of Banten Bay. Located administratively within the Serang Regency, Tunda Island is an enchanting little[…]

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The old Banten complex

Capital Of Banten Province, Serang City

Once part of the province of West Java, Banten was officially established as its own province in the year 2000. Located at the westernmost part on the island of Java, Banten may be a young province, but it holds spectacular natural and cultural wonders that have attracted travelers for quite a long time. Capital of[…]

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Karang Bolong beach in Banten

Karang Bolong Beach, Perfect Weekend Getaway

Many of us would like, if only for a weekend, to escape the hustle and stress of the big city. With its constant traffic jams and noise coming from every which direction, a weekend reprieve would be just what the doctor ordered. But where to go from Jakarta without having to travel too far, but[…]

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Carita Beach, Banten

Carita Beach : The Magnificent View Of The Krakatau Volcano

A vast stretch of white sandy beach decorated with rows of sheltering trees and the magnificent view of the  Krakatau volcano on the horizon, that is what awaits at Carita Beach. Situated pleasantly on the shoreline facing the Sunda Straits at the western end of Java Island, in the Pandeglang regency, in the province of Banten,[…]

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Tanjung Lesung, Banten

Tanjung Lesung Resort, The Famous Tourist Destination in Banten

Slightly bulging from the mainland of Java into the Sunda Straits is Tanjung Lesung, a developing integrated beach resort for recreation and hotels overlooking Mt. Anak Krakatau, all that is left of the once mighty Krakatau volcano. Located on Java’s most western coast in the district of Pandeglang in the province of Banten, the Tanjung Lesung resembles[…]

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Tanjung Layar, Sawarna beach

The Natural Wonders Of Sawarna Beach

Overlooking the vast open Indian Ocean, featuring crystal clear blue water and stretches of white sandy beach,  shaded by beautiful rows of sheltering trees, the Sawarna Beach is without a doubt one of the most beautiful beaches in the province of Banten. Located by a peaceful little village on the south coast of Java Island, Sawarna Beach offers a host of natural wonders such[…]

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Peucang island beach, Ujung Kulon National Park

Peucang Island, The Truly Secluded Paradise Of Ujung Kulon

Nestled within the Ujung Kulon National Park by the Panaitan Strait in the Pandeglang Regency, Peucang Island is truly a secluded paradise located at the most western edge of Java Island. Surrounded by a soft white sandy beach, clear blue waters, and enchanting coral reefs, Peucang promises serenity for whoever steps on its sands. Located in the province[…]

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