Scuba Diving in Bunaken, Manado

If you like scuba-diving and snorkeling, try visiting Bunaken island. The island covers an area of 8.08 square kilometers and is located in the Manado bay. The bay is in Manado, the capital city of North Sulawesi province.

Bunaken island has a tourist object called Bunaken Marine Park that is part of the Bunaken National Park (BNP). This BNP was officially opened by the government in October 1991, twenty years after the island’s beauty was discovered by three men who eventually initiated the BNP diving business there. It is not difficult to get to this marine park. From Manado’s Marina harbor, you can charter a boat for Rp 750,000. The boat capacity is for 15 passengers. From the boat you can look down to the sea and enjoy the beautiful view of the marine park that looks like a huge aquarium.

Bunaken Marine Park, Manado
Bunaken Marine Park, Manado (Source :

Besides Bunaken island, BNP has four other islands. They are Siladen, Mantehage, Manado Tua, and Nain islands. Each island has its own beach and diving and snorkeling location. Bunaken’s underwater view is magnificently beautiful. When scuba-diving, you can see many people scuba-dive here and there underwater, enjoying the beauty of the underwater view. Under and through the clear sea water you can see so many fish and coral reefs.

Diving in Bunaken Marine Park
Diving in Bunaken Marine Park (Source :

There are 20 different diving spots at Bunaken National Park  with various depths, one of which is 1,344 meters deep. Twelve of the twenty spots are found at Bunaken island, which are often visited by tourists who come to dive, snorkel, jet-ski, and enjoy its beautiful underwater view.

Dive spots, Bunaken
Dive spots, Bunaken (Source :

To go snorkeling, it costs you only Rp 100,000 in total. This has included the equipment and everything else need for the diving purpose. Also, you can rent a speedboat, yacht, motor boat, or jet-ski. Without doubt, Bunaken north sulawesi  is indeed worth visiting.

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